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Note that the minimal B-L model with the right-handed neutrino dark matter introduced above is a simple example of the Z' portal dark matter scenario.
In Section 3, we introduce the minimal B-L model with [Z.sub.2] symmetry, where one right-handed neutrino, which is a unique [Z.sub.2]-odd particle in the model, is identified with the dark matter particle.
Ibarra, "A lower bound on the right-handed neutrino mass from leptogenesis," Physics Letters B, vol.
In the second version, the third components of lepton triplets are the right-handed neutrinos, ([v.sub.L], [l.sub.L], [v.sup.c.sub.R]) [99-105].
The SM already provides right-handed neutrinos, which are "sterile" with respect to gauge bosons of the electroweak sector.
These authors considered an extension of the standard model with two charged scalar singlets [h.sub.1] and [h.sub.2] and one right-handed neutrino N.
Tran, "SU(3)L [cross product] U(1)N and SU(4)L [cross product] U(1)N gauge models with right-handed neutrinos," Physical Review D: Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology, vol.
Oh, and just to make it more complicated, right-handed neutrinos may exist after all.
There are broadly three classes of such models, namely, type I, type II, and type III seesaw models requiring involvement of right-handed neutrinos, a [SU(2).sub.L] triplet scalar with hypercharge Y = 2 and [SU(2).sub.L] hyperchargeless triplet fermions, respectively.
Nomura, "Solar and atmospheric neutrino oscillations and lepton flavor violation in supersymmetric models with right-handed neutrinos," Physical Review D, vol.
And it by many orders of magnitude exceeds the value derived in the minimally extended SM that includes right-handed neutrinos [12,14]: