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RBAROM (Read-Only Memory) Base Address
RBAReserve Bank of Australia
RBARebuildable Atomizer (vapor pen)
RBARare Bird Alert
RBARitchie Bros. Auctioneers (Canada)
RBARoyal Brunei Airlines (ICAO code)
RBARiver Basin Authority (various locations)
RBARisk Based Approach
RBARoyal Society of British Artists (London, UK)
RBARelative Binding Affinity
RBARights-Based Approach
RBAReal Brushed Aluminum (vehicles)
RBAResults Based Accountability
RBAReceptor Binding Assay
RBAReceive Buffer Area
RBARelative Block Address
RBARole Based Authorization
RBARouting Bank Account
RBARequest Broker Architecture
RBAReceiver Buffer a
RBARole Based Administration
RBARating Board Authorization
RBARetail Bakers of America (McLean, Virginia)
RBARun Book Automation
RBAReverse Bottle Adventure (gaming)
RBARisk Based Assessment
RBARochester Business Alliance
RBARudy Bruner Award (Bruner Foundation)
RBARequest for Board Action (various locations)
RBARelative Byte Address
RBARules Based Automation
RBARentable Building Area (commercial real estate)
RBARevolution in Business Affairs
RBARanger Body Armor
RBARole Based Application (software)
RBARose Bowl Aquatics (Pasadena, CA)
RBARole-Based Architecture (computing)
RBARegionalbus Augsburg GmbH (German)
RBARegents Bachelor of Arts (various universities)
RBARegulatory Board for Auditors (South Africa)
RBARadio Buenos Aires (Christian radio; Buenos Aires, Argentina)
RBAReimbursable Budget Authority
RBARemoving Barriers to Achievement (UK)
RBAResource Based Advantage (human resources)
RBARoyal Bhutan Army
RBARedwood Bluegrass Associates (Mountain View, CA; est. 1991)
RBARetailer's Bakery Association (Laurel, Maryland)
RBARegional Brevet Administrator (Randonneurs USA)
RBARehoboth Baptist Association
RBARefined Bitumen Association (UK; trade association)
RBARabat, Morocco - Sale (Airport Code)
RBAReformed Blacks of America (Philadelphia, PA)
RBARisks, Benefits, Alternatives
RBARetail Brand Alliance, Inc. (est. 2001)
RBARichmond Baseball Association
RBARadiological Buffer Area
RBARichmond Baptist Association
RBARed Blooded American
RBAResidence-Based Advising (Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Cambridge, MA)
RBAReduced Bias Adjustment
RBARescue Breathing Apparatus
RBARadar Beacon Acquisition
RBAReservation-Based Algorithm
RBAReentry Body Assembly
RBARepeat and Blockwise Accumulate (Code)
RBARefined Born Approximation
RBARotary Bonded Abrasive
RBAResponse-Time-Based Best-Effort Resource Allocation
RBARadio Base-Station Antenna
RBAReady Basic Aircraft (Naval Aviation Entreprise)
RBARequest for Bid Approval
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She called for a rights-based approach to overseas deployment that would require ethical practices such as the proper vetting of foreign employers and foreign recruitment agencies to ensure that they are qualified to be accredited by the Philippine government.
Part I establishes research foundations, including the effective relationship in standing theory and practice, the possibility of reinterpreting existing rights or specifying new rights, and the internal legal logic of a human rights-based approach to conservation.
Morris's research suggests that a rights-based approach in conflict-ridden areas should focus on economic justice and social development while attempting to resolve the long-term consequences of the wounds of war.
A rights-based approach focuses on the rights and needs of an individual, moving away from the onesize-fits-all approach that is still too common in public service delivery.
Mattarella also forcefully argued that issues such as climate change, natural resource limits and food and energy insecurity have consequences that cross borders and will require policy makers to adopt a rights-based approach.
I saw first hand on a school visit on my first day, to St Thomas' Community Primary School, in Swansea, how a school which has adopted a rights-based approach to learning is having such a positive impact on pupils' lives.
A rights-based approach to crime prevention, poverty alleviation and conflict resolution will ultimately bring peace and Davao can play a major role on that.
For many years, the development community has talked about the importance of taking a human rights-based approach to development.
A rights-based approach could be best described as normatively based on international rights standards and operationally directed to promoting and protecting those rights.
As part of the rights-based approach, we have granted certain minimum rights to people in the realm of food, informational and work.
This article examines how various United Nations agencies are implementing a rights-based approach to development in India.
They advocate a rights-based approach to education rather than a welfare approach, because it encourages a more democratic sense of the best interests of the child.