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RBaRRed Beans and Rice
RBaRReinforcing Bars
RBaRRed Bull Air Race
RBaRRigid Bar
RBaRReceiver-Based Auto Rate
RBaRradioligand binding assay of receptors
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These divisions were absolutely rigid, the contents of the day having to accommodate themselves within the four rigid bars. Looking back at her life, that was what she saw.
Proposed L shape energy harvester is composed of a cantilevered beam with a piezoelectric sheet, orthogonally attached to the rigid bar at free end of beam and a proof mass.
The vertical lines denote the locations of three holes in the rigid bar in the following experiment.
It consists of a substrate layer (stainless steel), a proof mass (iron, 0.102 kg), and the rigid bar (iron).
The nanotube is reduced to a set of rigid bars, linked together by elastic cells, where masses and stiffnesses are supposed to be concentrated.
As already said, the two nanotubes are reduced to a set of t rigid bars with the same length Z, linked together by n = t + 1 elastic cells (see Figure 2).
Moreover, for the inner and outer nanotubes the n-1 rotations of the rigid bars can be calculated as a function of the Lagrangian coordinates as follows:
Another possibility is the one-dimensional ball-array[33], which is a line of equispaced balls fixed along a rigid bar (see Figure 3).
Rigid bars in place before the Directive comes into force will not be affected by the legislation.
A fixator consists of a number of pins that penetrate the bone and exit through the skin to attach to rigid bars outside the body.
The tangle of rigid bars gave the impression of obstructing the movement of a sphere placed on the ground, and the latter blocked the approach of anyone who might have wanted to penetrate that forest of iron.