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RAGRed, Amber, Green
RAGReal Academia Galega (Galician: Royal Galician Academy; Galicia, Spain)
RAGRichmond Art Gallery (Canada)
RAGRescue a Golden (dogs)
RAGRing Again
RAGRegistration and Advisory Group
RAGRound Robin Arbiter Generator
RAGResidents Action Group
RAGRuhrkohle AG
RAGRisk Assessment Group
RAGRadiocommunication Advisory Group
RAGResearch and Analysis Group (Office of Manpower Economics; UK)
RAGRecombinase-Activating Gene
RAGReplacement Air Group
RAGRegional Associations of Grantmakers
RAGReceive and Give
RAGRemember and Give
RAGRow Address Generator
RAGRiver Assault Group
RAGReturn Air Grill (HVAC)
RAGRegulation Advisory Group (UK)
RAGRéseau d'Alimentation Générale (French utilities network)
RAGRegimental Artillery Group (OPFOR)
RAGRisk Advisory Group
RAGResource Allocation Group (tunnel between MDG and HA)
RAGRunway Arresting Gear (aviation)
RAGRing Airfoil Grenade
RAGRound-Robin Arbiter Generator
RAGRed/Amber/Green report (quick status of a program/project)
RAGRemoval of Aquatic Growth
RAGRaising & Giving (UK student charitable organization)
RAGRémunérations Annuelles Garanties (French: Annual Remuneration Rights)
RAGRadial Artery Graft
RAGRegional Aleph Godol
RAGRéaction Alcalis-Granulats (French: Alkali-Aggregate Reaction)
RAGRegion Adjacent Graph
RAGregular array grammar
RAGRisk Assessment Guideline
RAGReserve Air Group
RAGRequirements Assessment Group
RAGRandom Acronym Generator
RAGRequirements Advisory Group
RAGRepair Parts Analysis Group (US Navy)
RAGRed Arrogant Git (UK)
RAGRemote Access Gateway
RAGRamgavar Azadagan Gusaktsoutioun (Armenian Ramgavar Party)
RAGResearch Associate in Geology
References in classic literature ?
She is wearing the ring again to-night; and you did not give it to her.
Then quickly and with a dainty backhanded blow, he rapped Eric beneath his guard so shrewdly that it made his head ring again.
Fight, you beggar, as if you were in the Ring again with orders to win.
And he drew forth his bugle from underneath his green cloak and blew three winding notes that made the church--rafters ring again.
The woods ring again, and yet no fox bursts forth on to the open level of the pond, nor following pack pursuing their Actaeon.
I tell them I'm not interested This they don'twant to know I say that someone's at the door And that I'll have to go They ring again next evening And askmeone more time 'If I take up their offer Afree birowill be mine
I'll wait for better ground before running Rippling Ring again, and I ran Hivikos too soon after his first outing.
Now they are trying to raise pounds 20,000 to restore the tower and to hear the bell ring again.
McInnis admitted that his stomachwas turning cartwheels before he stepped into the ring again, though'I was extremely nervous,' he said.
But he said he would love to climb into the ring again.
Nobody knows where the ball comes from, but the aim of the game was to keep possession of the ball and pass it through the bull ring again before 5pm.