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ROFRun on Flat (tires)
ROFRefurbished Office Furniture (various locations)
ROFRise of Flight (gaming)
ROFRing of Fire
ROFRate of Fire
ROFRing of Faith
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ROFRate of Flow
ROFRapid Online Financing
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ROFRolling On (the) Floor
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ROFRepair Order Form
ROFRoyal Ordnance Factory
ROFRossini Opera Festival
ROFReport of Findings
ROFReal or Fake
ROFReign of Fire (Unreal Tournament sniper clan)
ROFRain of Fire (gaming, World of Warcraft)
ROFReversal of Fortune (gaming, Guild Wars)
ROFRelease of Funds
ROFRéunion des Opéras de France (French opera association)
ROFRush of Fools (Christian band)
ROFRhapsody of Fire (metal band)
ROFRaces of Faerun (roleplaying games, Dungeons & Dragons)
ROFRenegades of Funk (band and gaming clan)
ROFRoll on Friday (website for lawyers)
ROFRubicon Owners Forum (Jeep owners website)
ROFReceipt of Funds
ROFReligious Offering Fund
ROFRepublic Of France
ROFRetired Old Fart
ROFReduction of Force
ROFRing of Flame (gaming)
ROFRing of Frost (World of Warcraft)
ROFRudin-Osher-Fatemi Model (image cleaning algorithm)
ROFRealm of Forts (gaming)
ROFRules Of Force
ROFRolling Operating Forecast
ROFRealm of Fire (game)
ROFReturn on Floorspace
ROFReporting Organization Field
ROFRisk of Falls
ROFRight of Frame
ROFReformat on the Fly
ROFRaise or Fold (card game)
ROFReporting Organizer File
ROFRagnarok Online Forever
ROFRaiders of the Force (gaming clan)
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Once the fuel has warmed up, its vapor will travel up the hollow wall, pass through the perforations around the top of the body and form a ring of flame.
The Times went with the headline "From the Heart of London 2012" over a wraparound photograph of a heart-shaped ring of flame that encircled flag-waving Paralympians inside the Olympic Stadium in east London.
Still she moves, forward motion the only possible elegy for all the blood she has shed, for what ticks through the slow, red clock of the body, snow whispering against the windshield of a car one only drives alone, the body dreaming itself into red-- wolf, salmon, fox, even the cardinals of her childhood, erupting in a ring of flame around the outstretched palm of her mitten.
The whole hill top must have formed a ring of flame that could have blazed for days.
The gas comes with a double burner: the lower ring of flame is further from the cooking vessel, so it provides less heat for holding and simmering.
Eight tonnes of fireworks were launched from seven hills around Edinburgh in a breath-taking ring of flame.
In another scene Rothbart, dressed in black, is surrounded by a ring of flames somehow leaping up from the ice.
Brandishing fire sticks, Harry and his headmaster appear to have created a ring of flames to protect themselves from what could be an attack.
Arriving in an impressive ring of flames to the opening strains of Independent Women, they spiced up the likes of Bug A Boo, Bills Bills Bills, Say My Name, Nasty Girl and Emotion with a few unfamiliar treats.
But whereas the Americans had to cope with anything from a scaly sharp-toothed beast to the chair being surrounded by a ring of flames, the UK version will be less aggressive - or at least that's the intention.