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RODRecord Of Decision
RODRockland (Amtrak station code; Rockland, ME)
RODRide or Die
RODRing of Death (X-Box defect)
RODRead or Die (anime)
RODRegistrar of Deeds (various locations)
RODRenal Osteodystrophy
RODRaces of Destiny (Dungeons & Dragons; gaming)
RODRate Of Descent
RODReadout Driver
RODRing of Destruction (gaming guild)
RODReport Of Discrepancy
RODReign of Darkness (song)
RODRealms of Despair (online game/MUD)
RODRepublic of Djibouti
RODRegional Operations Director (various companies)
RODRewritable Optical Disk
RODRecord Of Discussion
RODRecord on Demand
RODRing of Destiny (gaming guild)
RODReturn On Debt
RODReporting Obligation Database
RODRecord Oriented Data
RODRun Out Date
RODRetired on Duty
RODRepair-On-Demand (depot repair priority system)
RODRecord of Disposition
RODReal Orthogonal Design
RODReport of Deficiency
RODRequired Operational Date
RODReactor Operations Department
RODRecord of Disassembly
RODRoute Opening Detachment
RODRough Old Dog
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As BuzzFeed put it after its investigation, "The story of this ring of death illuminates one of the most disturbing geopolitical trends of our time - the use of assassinations by Russia's secret services and powerful mafia groups to wipe out opponents around the globe - and the failure of British authorities to confront it.
Alfi said it was an honor for them to give an opportunity to orphan children to experience some of the most daring acrobatics and gymnastics as also the ring of death, balancing acts and the clown show.
I was on this little tiny metal raft being towed through the Ring of Death (in South Africa) pulling a decoy behind me, not knowing where the sharks were, or when they might come blasting out of the water," Kurr related.
First, it kept freezing, then it developed the red ring of death.
The prayerless non-colour of the provincial hearses established their beloved dust around the ring of death like colour squeezed from a mauve and willow-green flower.
The circus features talented artists from Italy, Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan whose attractive and comic shows are bringing joy to children of all ages as well as older people with daring acrobatics, gymnastics, jugglers, the ring of death and balancing acts.
The Italian Belucci Circus, with daring acrobatics, gymnastics, jugglers, a ring of death, balancing acts, dances of Argentina, acrobatic acts from Mongolia, a human pyramid from Columbia, the human canon and clown shows with 50 internationally acclaimed artists, linked satirical literature of ancient times with modern times and global culture.
OSCAR WILDE AND THE RING OF DEATH by Gyles Brandreth (John Murray pounds 14.
JEDDAH: For the first time in the history of Jeddah, artists from four countries - Italy, Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan - will add joy to the Eid celebrations with daring acrobatics, gymnastics, jugglers, ring of death and balancing act at two circuses at different venues from July 18 to August 18.
Oscar Wilde And The Ring Of Death isn't merely a well constructed murder mystery.