Ring3Really Interesting New Gene 3
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The IT of P1 in ring3 was positively correlated with the MD of visual field (p = 0.015) and average RNFL thickness (p = 0.027) (Table 4).
The IT of P1 in ring1, ring2, and ring3 to detect PD diagnosis was 0.674, 0.588, and 0.653, respectively.
A combination of the IT of P1 in ring3, the MD, and the average RNFL thickness revealed AUC of 0.750 (Figure 2).
On the contrary, a combination of the IT of P1 in ring3 and the MD and the RNFL revealed a lower AUC.
Variables with significantly negative coefficients are AGE and RING1, RING2, and RING3. The three rings (RING1, RING2, and RING3) are relative to the omitted RING4 (the outer ring).