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The Open Sea: The Economic Life of the Ancient Mediterranean World from the Iron Age to the Rise of Rome
The Rise of Rome: From the Iron Age to the Punic Wars
Sandwiched between the conquest of the Achaemenid Persian Empire by Alexander the Great and the rise of Rome and Parthia, the Seleucid Empire was the largest of the Hellenistic kingdoms and in many ways remains the most challenging to study.
Militarism pervaded every aspect of Greek society from the Bronze Age until the rise of Rome. Competing Greek city-states engaged in an arms race whereby each fielded increasingly well-equipped troops in a continuous series of disputes over land and resources.
When they reach the land that is now known as Italy, their leader Aeneas must engage in a bitter war with the native peoples to stake his claim to the land that is destined to witness the rise of Rome. Award-winning BBC radio performer David Collins brings this sweeping and powerful epic to vivid life!
(32) Bruno Heller, 'The Rise of Rome', Disk 6, Bonus Features, Rome: Series One, HBO Productions, 2005.
From that they naturally turn to the rise of Rome, the transition to Empire and the growing importance of Christianity, ending with St Augustine whom they see as the great synthesiser.
Mediterranean Anarchy, Interstate War and the Rise of Rome by Arthur M.
STORM OF ARROWS: LATE MEDIEVAL EUROPE AT WAR (9781846033452, $19.95) and RISE OF ROME: REPUBLICATION ROME AT WAR (9781846033445, $19.95) offer fine companion volumes for players, providing clear specifics on regional battles and history.
But the just-add-glamour rise of Rome has been destabilizing Euro rests that pride themselves on discovering new filmmakers--places such as Mouzaki's Thessaloniki or Locarno, for example.
Oversee the rise of Rome, or take part in its destruction in this epic historical strategy game spanning over 1,000 years of conflict in this special edition pack which includes both Rome: Total War and its expansion Rome: Barbarian Invasion.
Never before the rise of Rome, and never since, did two nations so remarkably resemble each other, in history, in splendid rise in civilization, in magnificent communication between nations, in grandeur and wealth.