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RRSRoyal Regiment of Scotland (UK)
RRSRacing Rules of Sailing (international rules for racing sailboats)
RRSRange Rover Sport (car)
RRSRegional Remote Sensing (Tucson, AZ)
RRSRoad Racing Series
RRSRational Response Squad
RRSRoundup Ready Soybean (agriculture)
RRSRound Robin Scheduler (software)
RRSResource Recovery Services
RRSRemote Registry Service
RRSRenal Risk Stratification
RRSRadon Reduction System (various companies)
RRSRegistered Relocation Specialist
RRSRack Room Shoes
RRSRoyal Research Ship
RRSReduced Residue System (mathematics)
RRSRéseaux de Réussite Scolaire (French: Academic Success Network)
RRSRapid Response System
RRSRequest Routing System (computing)
RRSRadiation Research Society
RRSRevell Research Systems (UK)
RRSResource Recovery Services (IBM)
RRSRapid Response Service
RRSResource and Referral Service
RRSRecruiting and Retention School
RRSRome Research Site
RRSRational Robust and Secure (negotiations in multi-agent systems)
RRSRisk Reduction Strategy
RRSResonant Raman Scattering
RRSRemote Replication System
RRSRegistration Repository System
RRSRoad Restraint System
RRSRallye Racing Sport (French sports equipment retailer)
RRSRemote Receiving Station
RRSRaise Responsibility System (motivational discipline and learning system)
RRSRecovery of RNA Synthesis
RRSRegional Research Site
RRSRadio Relay Squadron
RRSRemote Radio Site
RRSroute reflector server
RRSRegister Reuse Scheduling
RRSRural Radio Service
RRSReplicate Replication Server
RRSResource Reporting System (US FDA)
RRSRetrograde Rocket System
RRSRegulatory Reform Staff (US EPA)
RRSRestraint Release System
RRSRetired Reserve Section
RRSRotor Resistance Starting
RRSRadio Repeater Set
RRSRetarder Response Solenoid
RRSReadiness Reportable Status
RRSRandomly Rough Surface
RRSRetarder Response System
RRSRemainder of Route Same
RRSReceive Repair System
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More recently the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, together with the Environment Agencies for England and Wales, developed a PFOS risk reduction strategy.
Prophylactic medication was an important risk reduction strategy that she would use again, and she stated that she would become pregnant only if it were again available to her.
Third, a risk reduction strategy must be created and implemented, focusing on immediate, high priority concerns.
Regarding decabromodiphenyl ether, Parliament believes that in view of the current risk reduction strategy, the text agreed is the best compromise available at this stage.
The results of the Risk Assessment and the recommended Risk Reduction Strategy will be presented in a Commission Recommendation, which should be published this year.
Nominations for the award are generated at the state level and critiqued on the national level in the areas of pesticide risk reduction strategy, integrated pest management (IPM) strategies, biological control/transgenic methods, water, soil and habitat conservation methods, and other pesticide risk reduction strategies.
Composed of representatives from FDA, USDA, and several states, the work group is charged with identifying the components of a national SE risk reduction strategy and developing, with public input, proposed national standards for producers, shell egg packers, and egg products processors.
In this article, excerpted from a longer report entitled "A Risk Reduction Strategy for NATO," the British American Security Information Council argues that NATO should adopt a comprehensive nuclear risk reduction strategy.
Another advantage of this risk reduction strategy is that a communications framework will be put in place to link risk management, business planning and facilities management with other staff and operating departments.
The three year project aims to help the Lebanese Government develop its disaster management and corresponding risk reduction strategy.