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Responsible bathroom renovations can give relatives peace of mind by significantly reducing the risk of falls, while allowing elderly adults to remain in their homes.
He used a walking stick and though a Risk of Falls Pathway - an assessment of the risk and actions taken to reduce it - was recommended, there was no record of it being implemented.
Considering that the TGUGM test provides information of motor skills in people, this study sought to analyse the psychometric properties of TGUGM test to measure the risk of falls in physically active Colombian women.
More than 24 points means low risk of falls, between 19 and 24 means moderate risk, and less than 19 means high risk of falls (7,10).
The evaluation of an elderly person who has fallen or has a fear of falling requires a multidimensional assessment of all factors that can contribute to the risk of falls, and is best performed by a multidisciplinary team.
Future studies using this technology may help to explain the relationship between the risk of falls and retinal ganglion cell loss in people with glaucoma.
Screening Programmes to identify those at risk of falls comprise an assessment of gait and balance.
Alpha-blockers, frequently used to treat LUTS and benign prostatic hyperplasia, can increase the risk of falls in the elderly due to their class effect of orthostatic hypotension.
These events are specifically aimed at people with sight loss and their carers but would also be useful for anyone who wants to reduce their own risk of falls as well as that of friends or family.
In earlier studies, vitamin D boosted muscle strength and reduced the risk of falls in older women who had low blood levels of vitamin D.
People with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) are at high risk of falls, and those who have fallen once are at greater risk of repeat falls due to previous injuries and a greater fear of falling, according to a new study from the University of Manchester, UK.
One area in which patient safety can be improved is to develop strategies to decrease the risk of falls.