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RBIRuns Batted In (baseball)
RBIReserve Bank of India (central bank of India)
RBIRisk-Based Inspection
RBIRussell Bedford International (est. 1983; accounting network)
RBIRiver Bible Institute (Tampa, FL)
RBIRisk Based Inspection
RBIRollback Indicator
RBIRemote Bus Interface
RBIRepair Body Intersections
RBIReutilization Business Integration (US DoD)
RBIRadio Berlin International
RBIRight Bronchus Intermedius
RBIRadio Bluegrass International (Owensboro, KY)
RBIReuters Business Insight (joint venture)
RBIRomain Brette Investissement (French: Romain Brette Investment)
RBIRelative Bearing Indicator
RBIRipple Blanking Input (digital electronics)
RBIRigid Board Insulation (stucco)
RBIRebirthing Breathwork International
RBIRezé Basket International (French: Rezé International Basketball; Rezé, France)
RBIRemote Bus Isolator
RBIRevitalizing Baseball in the Inner Cities
RBIResults Based Incentive
RBIRe-Based Impact
RBIRepetitive Brain Injury
RBIReply By Indorsement
RBIReally Big Ice-Cream (Walgreens commercial)
RBIRetail Business Information
RBIRhythm Band Instruments, Inc (Fort Worth, TX)
RBIRedeemer Broadcasting Inc. (radio and internet ministry; Olivebridge, NY)
RBIRichard Barbett International (France)
RBIResource Based Investment
RBIRotor-Body Interaction
RBIReal Biblical Inspiration
RBIRech Brûleurs Industriels (French: Rech Industrial Burners)
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A limitation of this research might be the lack of evaluation regarding sanitation inspector knowledge related to technical aspects of food safety and risk-based inspection. This insight into their existing knowledge would have helped us in assessing the effectiveness of new training programs--but as previously mentioned, this question could be addressed in a future study.
[1.] American Petroleum Institute (20002), API RP 580, API Recommended Practice 580, Risk-Based Inspection. Primera Edicion (falta numero de paginas)
Food manufacturers would be required to have a written food safety plan focusing on prevention, supported by risk-based inspection, traceability, minimum performance standards, third-party certification and enforcement.
* risk-based inspection and inspection frequency that would require FDA-regulated food facilities to be inspected at least once a year, with higher-risk facilities inspected more frequently.
The practice is called risk-based inspection. It lets companies weigh the risks posed by their equipment so they know how often they should inspect each key component and how to deal with the unexpected.
Specifically, they focus on the entire food supply chain, from "farm to table;" place primary responsibility for food safety on producers; separate risk assessment and risk management; use a risk-based inspection system; and take steps to ensure that certain food imports meet equivalent safety standards.
"We also realized that to make risk-based inspection in processing most effective, we need to strengthen our database that will support that system."
The service was one of the first in the country to implement a fire risk-based inspection programme to categorise buildings in the area.
He helped develop systems to protect process control equipment from atmospheric corrosion damage, set up quality assurance programs to support major capital programs, and introduced risk-based inspection and fitness for service methods.
He suggested the creation of a single federal food safety agency that could administer "a uniform, risk-based inspection system.
Needs a Single Agency to Administer a Unified, Risk-Based Inspection Program (GAO/ T-RCED-99-256), issued in August 1999, the General Accounting Office (GAO) points to six federal agencies that carve out a piece of the regulatory pie over the safety of this culinary companion to the evening news.
"FSIS is committed to the move to a risk-based inspection system.