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RBPRolling Big Power (Corona, CA)
RBPRNA Binding Protein
RBPRetinol Binding Protein
RBPRegular Baptist Press
RBPResin Bonded Paper (various companies)
RBPRetinoblastoma Binding Protein
RBPRetirement Benefit Plan
RBPRequired Business Performance (finance)
RBPRoyal Black Preceptory (Loyal Orange Lodge Offshoot)
RBPRisk-Based Pricing
RBPRated Burst Pressure
RBPRule-Based Programming (computing)
RBPRelationship-Based Pricing
RBPRoyal Brunei Police (est. 1921)
RBPRegistered Biosafety Professional
RBPRate-Based Pacing (computer networking)
RBPrec.boats.paddle (USENET newsgroup for canoeing and kayaking)
RBPReliable Broadcast Protocol (mobile communications)
RBPRegistered Brownfield Professional (Institute of Brownfield Professionals)
RBPRandom Bin Picking
RBPRetrievable Bridge Plug
RBPRadar Bypass Processor
RBPRule Based Printing (SafeCom)
RBPRoyal Blue Pearl (auto paint color)
RBPRole-Based Privacy
RBPRate of Bit Propagation
RBPRation Breakdown Point
RBPReactive Bed Plasma
RBPRetractable Bow Plane (submarines)
RBPRetriveable Bridge Plug (oil industry)
RBPRay Bloch Productionsc (Pelham, NY)
RBPRecoverable Basic Pattern
RBPRation Balancing Programme (milk production software; India)
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At the same time, the Group will keep a foothold on fintech, to further develop its risk-based pricing and risk management capabilities.
Offering lenders the option of either rate card or risk-based pricing is the best way to show lenders that we understand and can continue to meet their evolving needs," said Rohit Gupta, President and CEO, Genworth Mortgage Insurance.
Altmaier said that risk-based pricing "has got to be risk based," though he questions data that have become part of this process such as marital status.
But these two worlds will soon collide and it is reasonable to expect a lot more risk-based pricing for these customers that will take as input various aspects of a customer's behaviour and attitude.
Led by Thomson Reuters research manager and emerging markets specialist Ammar Radhi and featuring Bahrain Insurance Association treasurer Mohamed Radhi, Milliman managing director and consulting actuary for Middle East and Africa Safder Jaffer, Africa Retakaful managing director Omar Gouda and Emirates Retakaful chief executive Mohamed Hussein El Dishish discussed key strategies for balancing competitive pressures with the need for risk-based pricing.
To counteract the yield and income drop, Thompson, who holds advanced degrees in finance and economics, and TCT help credit unions move away from pricing their loans along a simple tier system that often disregards loan costs toward risk-based pricing.
If risk-based pricing is consistently and uniformly enforced and required for all business loan originations, small-business lenders will soon realize that it helps win deals from the strongest borrowers and also leads to improved loan performance.
For the banks, the bureau will provide more clarity on customer exposures and history, and allow more informed decision making and risk-based pricing. For the consumers, it means better pricing on loans based on credit scores," Emirates NBD's Sarkar said in a recent interview.
Harnessing the strength of robust analytical platforms, investors can create better liquidity and capital flows for projects, resulting in better risk-based pricing and closure rates.
Jimi Grande, senior vice president, federal and political affairs for the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies, says, "The reforms passed under the Biggert-Waters Act were designed to strengthen the NFIP financially through a gradual move towards risk-based pricing, which would also provide property owners with a better understanding of the flood risk they are actually facing."
The project has been financed under the World Bank - FIRST initiative.The objective of the project has been to assist the AFSA in the development of policies and processes to enable the move away from centrally-managed tariff-based pricing toward fully liberalized risk-based pricing of the products on the MTPL insurance market.
This is known as risk-based pricing by card firms charging more to those who don't meet the exact criteria for their advertised APR.