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RFRRequest for Review
RFRRequest for Requisition
RFRRadio Frequency Radiation
RFRReady for Review (various organizations)
RFRRequest For Resources
RFRReady for Receiver (radio)
RFRRight of First Refusal
RFRRisk-Free Rate (investing)
RFRRequest for Resolution (various locations)
RFRRequest for Rate (shipping)
RFRRadio Free Roscoe (TV show)
RFRRed Flags Rule (identity protection; US FTC)
RFRResting Full Cycle Ratio (cardiology)
RFRRio Frio, Costa Rica (Airport code)
RFRRegional Fast Rail (Australia)
RFRReceive Frame Reference
RFRReally Fast Robot
RFRRoyal Air Force UK (ICAO code)
RFRRapid Facial Reaction
RFRRestauration Fonctionnelle du Rachis (French: Functional Restoration of the Spine)
RFRRun-From-RAM (Cisco)
RFRReady for Release
RFRRassemblement des Femmes Républicaines (French: Rally of Republican Women)
RFRRequest for Repair
RFRRequest for Referrals
RFRReduced Force Rehearsal (US Army)
RFRRise from Ruins (band)
RFRReason for Resource
RFRRouter Failure Recovery
RFRReady For Recheck
RFRRiver Falls Rideshare (Wisconsin)
RFRRun for Record
RFRReverse Flow Regeneration (ion exchange)
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The WACC for 2019, is based on a risk-free rate of 18.3%, equity risk premium of 6%, arriving at a cost of equity of 25.3%.
No, because he knows that the 91-day T-bill offers a risk-free rate of 4.453 percent.
In our calibration, there are strong incentives for household to save because of idiosyncratic shocks in an incomplete-market environment, which causes the risk-free rate to be lower than the reciprocal of the preference discount factor [beta], even in a growing economy As a result, we set the time discount factor to [beta] = 0.95 to match the low risk-free rate in our benchmark model.
This ratio, which was developed by Nobel laureate William Sharpe in 1966, is calculated by taking the excess return of an investment over the risk-free rate and dividing it by its standard deviation.
'The London interbank offered rate (Libor) is being phased out, to be replaced by alternatives such as risk-free rate (RFR) benchmarks.
We walked away from loan transactions wherein interest rates or the loan rates were below the risk-free rate because it doesn't make sense or lose money at rates that even eat up your capital.
Work has begun on developing a term rate from a soon-to-be selected alternative euro risk-free rate to become a fall-back or possible replacement rate.
ISDA's latest Transition Report has urged "immediate action" in preparing for the disruption of the new Secured Overnight Financing Rate (SOFR) which is poised to replace LIBOR as the risk-free rate. ISDAs CEO Scott O'Malia stated that, "It's vital that firms commit resources and begin their transition planning initiatives."
Formally, [mathematical expression not reproducible], which represents a linear function, where the slope is the compensation in terms of expected return for each additional unit of risk, risk premium, and the intercept point is the risk-free rate. The optimal portfolio for each investor will be obtained through the highest indifference curve that is tangent to the CML.
The interest rate differential between Pakistan risk-free rate and US risk-free rate itself incorporates any impact of depreciation or appreciation of Pakistani rupee (PKR) value against the US dollar.
Under this model, the regulator has taken a risk-free rate for the 20-year Pakistan Investment Bond (PIB) calculated as average for the past 10 years prior to the determination of weighted average cost.
As US tax reform gains momentum, I expect Libor to trade well above its similar maturity risk-free rate because funding markets outside the US will tighten.