RISUReligious Information Service of Ukraine
RISURainbow International School Uganda
RISUResidential Internal Service Unit (Comcast)
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References in classic literature ?
Coupled with this distortion of the face, this Hippocratic smile, or 'risus sardonicus,' as the old writers called it, what conclusion would it suggest to your mind?"
Notons, tout a fait accessoirement, au debotte, que de risu : a propos du rire, renvoie notamment a Aristote et que justement la Poetique d'Aristote est l'un des ouvrages interdits (en raison du passage sur la Comedie, selon les periodes) et, au minimum, vivement recuse par l'institution ecclesiastique romaine, tout comme le rire est largement considere, notamment par l'Inquisition, comme l'expression du diable, du demon.
Echirika tami a'li mapurika ti risu ke tami siwali, kochika boiami, achi siwasa ku risua ku ripa muyenli cho, mapurika bile basachi nira nili mapi mi panina atiki Onoruami.
(20.) Wang Yuping, "Risu dengguo dui zhongguo gongren jieji yu gongren yungdong de yanjiu," ("A Survey of Writings on the Chinese Working Class and Labour Movement in Japan, Soviet Union, and Other Countries") Zhongguo gongren yungdongshi yanjiu wenji (Collection of Works on the Chinese Labour Movement) (Beijing 2000), 466.
'Patefactus Meydstanuensibus meis spectaculum primitus dedit, ex summo se culmine confertissimo se ostentans populo, aliis ex animo, aliis Ajacem risu simulantibus.
Nihon Risu Koseiho Shinsei [Japan Leasing Files for Corporate Reorganization], NIHON KEIZAI SHIMBUN Sept.
Plunged into a past they hardly remember, Aniki (Imai) and Kinta (Risu Matsumoto), find themselves at a naval air base which Aniki refers to as a ''prison for people kicked out of society,'' only to discover the people in the ''prison'' are the prevailing authorities of that period.
The result of Jonson's wording is that the first lyric to Celia seems to argue for a transcendent physical consummation of the kind celebrated in the "Epithalamium" from Secundus's Sylvae - an hour's pleasure that pulls against the inexorable flight of time: "Hora suauicula, & uoluptuosa, / Hora blanditiis, lepore, risu, / Hora delitiis, iocis, susurris" (sig.
The best proof of Eumolpus' theatrical and sexual triumph is his laughter: 'hoc semel iterumque ingenti risu, etiam suo, Eumolpus fecerat' (140.10).
Joyce's play is the whole mythical story of humanity and, as he insisted, it is a work of humor, full of jokes: "in risu veritas."