RITCRhodamine Isothiocyanate (chemical compound)
RITCResearch for International Tobacco Control (Canada)
RITCReInsurance To Close (Lloyd's process of closing open syndicates)
RITCReduced Income Tax Credit
RITCRhodopi International Theater Collective (Smolyan, Bulgaria)
RITCRegional Intelligence Training Center
RITCResearch Institute of Tianjin, China
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A RITC transaction is a reinsurance agreement that closes one or more years of account of a syndicate by transferring the responsibility for discharging all of the liabilities that attach to the closing year(s) of account, net of the right to any income and recoveries due to the closing year(s) of account in return for a premium.
is a great way to start protecting kids,” said Cathy DuBois, President and CEO of RITC.
Under the RITC rules, a business is generally considered to be a large business if its taxable sales and those of its associated entities made in Canada are greater than $10 million in the previous year Some companies do not have to meet the $10-million threshold to be considered large businesses: for example, many different categories of financial institutions.
During last year's liaison meetings, TEI was informed that Finance was in discussions with British Columbia and Ontario on the creation of an administrative factor for registrants to use in calculating the ITCs subject to the RITC regime for purposes of an AA.
Diante disso, verificou-se que o aporte ao solo dos compostos organicos nos tratamentos VC e RITC induziu um efeito limitado no desenvolvimento das plantas.
El comportamiento de algunos de los items no ha sido aceptable: el item 29 (Soporte) con correlacion item-test corregida (Ritc) tuvo signo negativo y de magnitud cero; los items 21 y 84 (Liderazgo) tuvieron Ritc cero; tambien fueron cuestionables los items 19 (Ritc = 0) y 77 (Ritc con signo negativo) de Reconocimiento.
RITC is nationally recognized as helping this offender population become productive members of our society.
The evaluation study, on a general level, provided substantial evidence that the RITC model had been successful in Nova Scotia in mobilizing industry participation in training and in building a training culture.