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RITESRail India Technical and Economic Services
RITESResearch and Instruction in Technologies for Electronic Security (University of Illinois at Chicago)
RITESRail India Technical and Engineering Services
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Their honesty is immaculate, and their purity of purpose, and their observance of the rites of their religion, are most uniform and remarkable.
These have become blended with their own wild rites, and present a strange medley; civilized and barbarous.
Some hundred black devils have I accounted for during nearly a year of the rites of Issus.
There are some, even, who have slaves that talk for them, and I saw one who sat during the rites with closed eyes while a slave narrated to her the events that were transpiring within the arena.
They practise no rites of worship, though they believe that in the regions above there dwells a Being that governs the world: whether by this Being they mean the sun or the sky is not known; or, indeed, whether they have not some conception of the God that created them.
From this primitive function has arisen, unquestionably, all the forms and ceremonials of modern church and state, for through all the countless ages, back beyond the uttermost ramparts of a dawning humanity our fierce, hairy forebears danced out the rites of the Dum-Dum to the sound of their earthen drums, beneath the bright light of a tropical moon in the depth of a mighty jungle which stands unchanged today as it stood on that long forgotten night in the dim, unthinkable vistas of the long dead past when our first shaggy ancestor swung from a swaying bough and dropped lightly upon the soft turf of the first meeting place.
And last, my Polyneices, unto thee I paid due rites, and this my recompense!
Gamut, who had been a close observer of rites he deemed so heathenish, now bent his head over the shoulder of the unconscious father, whispering:
And I myself will teach my rites, that hereafter you may reverently perform them and so win the favour of my heart.'
It serves thy turn to laud great Theseus' name, And Athens as a wisely governed State; Yet in thy flatteries one thing is to seek: If any land knows how to pay the gods Their proper rites, 'tis Athens most of all.
let the burial rite be read - the funeral song be sung!
In the case of Orestes, for example, there is the madness which led to his capture, and his deliverance by means of the purificatory rite. In the drama, the episodes are short, but it is these that give extension to Epic poetry.