RKURevolutionär Kommunistisk Ungdom (Revolutionary Communist Youth, Sweden)
RKURyutsu Keizai University (Japanese school)
RKUKurtosis (measure of the peakedness of the profile of shape)
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Caption: Figure 3: Comparison of the changes in surface roughness parameters of samples "as received" and samples after EP in a bath without ER and with ER (EP process parameters: t = 45-180 min, I = 1.75 A, i = 0.05 Ax[cm.sup.-2], q = 2.25-9.00 Aminx[cm.sup.-2], and T = 55[degrees]C): (a) arithmetical mean deviation of the assessed profile Ra and (b) skewness of the surface roughness profile Rsk and kurtosis of the profile Rku.
(2) The traditional ten Buddhist virtues proscribe the following non-virtues: killing (srog gcod pa), stealing (rku phrog byed pa), sexual misconduct ('dod log spyod pa), lying (rdzun tshig), slandering (phra ma), harsh speech (tshig rtsub), idle chatter (ngag 'khyal), covet ousness (brnab sems), malice (gnod sems), and wrong views (log lta).
Kurtosis (Rku): the measure of the peak-ed-ness of the profile about the mean line.