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RLOGINRemote Login
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Other core CRT features include support for telnet, rlogin, serial and dialup connections, extensive customization capability with many font, cursor, and color scheme options available for each session, tree-based session management, VBScript support, transparent printing, and ZModem file transfer.
Over the years, TCP has been optimized for a particular mix of applications: that is, bulk transfer (e.g., File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)) and remote terminal traffic (e.g., telnet and rlogin).
It also allows users a choice of connection options, including via modem, nvt2, rexec, rlogin, RS232, rsh and telnet.
We know we have to make Internet applications (sendmail, rlogin) more secure.
With ZOC you can transfer data via modem, telnet connections, named pipes, Unix rlogin, TAPI modems and secure shell (SSH) connections.