Ro2Rate of O2 Release
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The state's general budget forecasts a growth in the tax and non-tax revenues in 2015 to hit RO2.
Using this table as a template for good control, the current study compared the agreement between this standard and either the Ro2 (Figure 1) or the ACT (Figure 2) in predicting asthma control in a cohort of patients with documented asthma.
4 billion, representing 64 per cent of total expenditure, with defence and security claiming RO2.
BM's net Loans and Advances of RO2,979mn as at the end of 1Q08 had increased by 10.
Il Young Ryu, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Gravity, said "We will continue to reinforce the strategy of expanding our global markets by penetrating into new markets with RO2 and maintaining our current markets of RO.
5 million for the term of the contracts (through license fees and the minimum guaranteed payments) in the various territories covered and there is a potential for more fees depending on the market acceptance and success of RO2 in these markets.
New Nawras Ajel (postpaid) customers will receive 180 free minutes for Nawras to Nawras national calls with their welcome pack for only RO2.
For RO2, new Hayyak customers can purchase a Hayyak kit that will offer them RO2 credit which can be used in local and international voice A[degrees] video calls, MMS, mobile broadband or friends and family package.
The winner in the second category in which the investments ranging between RO2 million and RO10 million, will receive three cups and three shields.
A detailed study Ociped made in late 2009 indicated that non-oil Omani-origin exports would reach RO2 billion in 2010 against a target of RO2.
For RO2, new customers can purchase a Hayyak kit that will offer them RO2 credit which can be used for all types of services, including international and local calls, SMS, MMS and mobile broadband.
Summary: Muscat: The recent hike in the bank guarantee amount from RO2,000 to RO10,000 to operate .