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ROPSRoll Over Protection System (Volvo)
ROPSRoll over Protection System
ROPSRoll over Protective Structure
ROPSRisc Operations
ROPSRollover Protective Structures
ROPSRovaniemen Palloseura (Finland soccer group)
ROPSRollover Protective System
ROPSRange Operations Squadron
ROPSRandom Oligonucleotide-Primed Synthesis
ROPSRunway Overrun Protection System (avionics)
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In 1967, ASAE established some of the initial engineering performance standards for ROPS design and testing.
Gilles Laurent, Executive Vice President, Flight Operations Air France said We are looking forward to have ROPS and APFD TCAS installed on our A320 and A330 fleets.
Proteins very similar to ROPs exist in humans and provide chemical signals that tell cancer when to metastasize.
On a broader scale, the ROPS retrofit program has potential for wider safety applications and several research papers have identified the adoption of ROPS as a technology that should be applied to vehicles like tractors and All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs).
Most current wheel loaders must meet strict guidelines for ROPS and FOPS safety standards.
For this report, data from four of these states were analyzed, including use of ROPS (Iowa, Kentucky, New York, and Ohio), year of tractor manufacture (Iowa, Kentucky, and Ohio), and the mean annual usage for these tractors (Iowa).
The patented Airbus ROPS system computes minimum realistic in-flight landing and on-ground stopping distances and compares them to available landing distances in real time.
ROPS are fundamental protective equipment for tractors, but the two traditional versions--fixed ROPS and manually adjustable ROPS--both pose complications that AutoROPS is designed to overcome," noted NIOSH Director John Howard, M.
Indiana, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Oregon, and West Virginia) survey covering approximately 14,000 tractors, 65% of tractors had no rollover protection, 27% had enclosed ROPS, and 8% had unenclosed ROPS (NIOSH, unpublished data, 1992).
In March this year American Airlines selected ROPS to equip its A320 Family fleet.