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R&GRoast and Ground (coffee market)
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Judges tried 16 brews from supermarkets and leading brands and put the budget chain's Specially Selected Roast and Ground Ethiopian offering top of the heap.
produces instant, roast and ground coffee for the Chinese Market.
As a general rule of thumb, a roast and ground coffee product described and defined as "finely ground" is expected to possess a bulk density within the range of 0.40--0.45 g/ml determined with coffee in "free fall."
It accounts for 88%, while roast and ground holds a mere 12%.
James Sweeting, one of the company partners, said, "In the U.K., the roast and ground market is growing in parts.
Caterers are the main buyers of roast and ground, as very little soluble is used in British catering.
Traders like the Holland Coffee Group agree that there is now a discernible growth in sales to the roast and ground sector.
In turn, this can provide an excellent jumping-off point for the next stage, which is roast and ground coffee.
Torz said, "I think that, in the next few years, we will initially see a small switch from soluble to roast and ground as people experiment.
"But it really is conditional on the roast and ground trade addressing the quality issues in the bean and not running a marketing exercise with standard average coffees with a new fancy pack around them.