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RRORoles, Responsibilities and Objectives
RRORegional Registration Office (India)
RRORecord Route Object
RRORegulatory Reform Order (UK Office of the Deputy Prime Minister Fire Safety)
RRORobert's Rules of Order
RRORegional Reliability Organization
RROReproduction Rights Organisation
RRORussian Ragnarok Online (gaming)
RRORegistered Roof Observer
RROResidual Range Organics
RRORocky Road Outfitters (Utah)
RRORahmo Rehabilitation Organisation (Somalia)
RRORadial Runout
RRORevised Regulations of Ontario (Canada)
RRORed Raider Orientation (Texas Tech University)
RRORebirth Ragnarok Online (gaming)
RRORappahannock River Oysters (Topping, VA)
RRORate & Route Operator
RROReality Rock Organization
RRORhythmic Rotation (relaxation technique)
RRORegional Reporting Office (Hekimian)
RROResident Representative Office
RRORosteen Reconstruction Organization
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Robert's Rules of Order is an established code used in political meetings and was adopted as a parliamentary method in the U.
The local chapter board is a safe environment to learn the basics of board service, like Robert's Rules of Order and leading committees.
Clarified that Robert's Rules of Order apply only when APHA Bylaws or special rules are silent.
Youth commissioners interact with city officials, learn how to run a meeting according to Robert's Rules of Order, participate in the annual Youth in Government Program, and nominate other teens for the Teen Spotlight Award Program.
Because this was my first convention as president, it was very interesting--and I learned a lot about Robert's Rules of Order.
Her sessions on Robert's Rules of Order at our Leadership Summit continue to receive rave reviews and probably are our most valuable offerings.
Robert's Rules of Order (RRO) is widely quoted but rarely read.
Examples of such systems of rules include: Robert's rules of order for public meetings (Robert 1986); Alexy's rules for discourses over ethical and moral questions (Alexy 1978/1990); and Hitchcock's principles for rational mutual inquiry (Hitchcock 1991).
Revision based on Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised (RONR), 10th Edition.