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RCKYRockies (Mountains)
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You like this sort of life or you wouldn't be here trying to cross the Rockies in fall weather.
"And we kissed, there in the snow, in that valley by the Rockies, and I left her standing by the trail and went on after my dogs.
Major impact in the Rockies spreads out along the Interstate highway corridors, with 1-25 forming a north-south access pathway along the Front Range on the eastern edge of the chain, and along 1-70 and 1-90 reaching west over the mountains.
July 2005: First stage of America, Atlantic to the Rockies.
BOSTON: The Boston Red Sox battered the Colorado Rockies 13-1 in Game One of the World Series baseball yesterday, snapping the National League champions' 10-game winning streak with a record-setting scoring spree.
In 2007 my favorite team west of the Missouri River, the Colorado Rockies, won 21 of 22 games in an epic charge through the NL playoffs.
We plan to stay with my son in Calgary and would like to visit Niagara Falls and the Rockies. Could you give us an idea of flights and cost?
A University of Wyoming-based research team developed the Wellness IN (WIN) the Rockies project to emphasize a health-centered approach that focused on three key parameters: (1) physical activity; (2) body image; and (3) food choice behaviors.
On the positive side, he reached his 25th anniversary with the Denver Rocky Mountain News and saw the usually underachieving Colorado Rockies make an incredible run to reach their first World Series since the team's inaugural 1993 season.
Canadian mountain place names; the Rockies and Columbia Mountains.
WHAT a great article on the Canadian Rockies (Mail, May 16).
Which mountains are higher, the Appalachians or the Rockies?