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RDRRed Dead Redemption (video game)
RDRRassemblement des Républicains (French: Rally of the Republicans, Ivory Coast)
RDRRNA Dependent RNA Polymerase
RDRRetail Distribution Review (various organizations)
RDRRaw Data Record
RDRRally for Democracy and the Republic (Republic of the Congo)
RDRRéduction des Risques (French: Risk Reduction)
RDRRemote Data Recovery (Ontrack Data International)
RDRReference Design Report (International Linear Collider)
RDRRock Deformation Research (geological software; UK)
RDRRotating Disk Reactor (semiconductors)
RDRRadio Direct Response (advertising agency)
RDRRemote Data Relay
RDRReception Data Register (computer programming)
RDRReduced Data Requirement
RDRRegistered Diplomate Reporter
RDRRussian Depositary Receipt
RDRRijksdienst voor Radiocommunicatie
RDRRedding Bus Station (Amtrak station code; Redding, CA)
RDRRequirements Definition Review
RDRRalph Davis Reptiles (herpetoculture)
RDRRipple Down Rule (knowledge acquisition)
RDRRèglement Direct
RDRRodolfo del Rosario (Philippines public figure)
RDRRetail Delivery Report
RDRRèglement sur le Développement Rural
RDRRetail Delivery Record (paper-based delivery manifest)
RDRRunway Distance Remaining
RDRRadiation Dosimetry and Records
RDRReceiving Discrepancy Report
RDRRemote Data Requester
RDRRadial Distributor Road Bridge (infrastructure; UK)
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While he did not identify the errant hospitals, PhilHealth legal chief Rodolfo del Rosario said the initial data they had on these health care facilities had been sent to the NBI for them 'to be processed and investigated' so a stronger criminal case could be built against these institutions.
Rodolfo del Rosario Jr., PhilHealth senior vice president for legal sector, said they have submitted evidence of fraud against the three "big hospitals" to the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), which is looking into the anomalies of the agency.
PhilHealth Senior Vice President Rodolfo del Rosario Jr.
Ledesma and Jackie Garcia-Dizon serve as Members of the Board of Hijos de Davao; while Rodolfo del Rosario, Jr., Benjie A.
Officers claim they found him with Josephine Olayao, 38, and tuk-tuk driver Rodolfo del Rosario, 42.
Officers claim they found Joseph with a woman, Josephine Olayao, 38, and tuk tuk driver Rodolfo del Rosario, 42.
Officers said they found Joseph with a woman, Josephine Olayao, 38, and Rodolfo del Rosario, 42, a tuk tuk rider, preparing sachets of methamphetamine, or 'shabu' as it is known locally.
Rodolfo del Rosario, to give Alvarez a break in joining politics.
Sponsored by Board Member Rodolfo del Rosario Jr., the proposed council was designed to address the peculiar needs of our media practitioners in terms of security, safety, livelihood, hospitalization, housing, skills development, capability building, education and professional training, Gabonada said.
He tagged senior vice president for legal Rodolfo del Rosario and senior manager of the fact-finding enforcement and investigation department Ernesto Barbado.
PhilHealth chief legal officer Rodolfo del Rosario said they have established that WellMed filed fraudulent claims andthat the agency has stopped paying claims since February.
And to think that Del Rosario, a son of former governor Rodolfo del Rosario, was a seemingly formidable foe being part of the Floirendo family and in all likelihood beneficiary of a large campaign chest.