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Roff, a white woman, runs a medical spa Urban skin solutions and skincare line Urban Skin Rx., in North Carolina's Charlotte area which cater to people of colour.
Existing weapons systems, not considered fully autonomous, already push the limits of "meaningful" human control (Roff 2014).
Ms Roff added: "I am delighted to receive this award and especially for the support I have received from colleagues and clients.
The highest total population of the copepod found in Char Lake, which is much deeper (27.5 m) than Immerk Lake, was 61 680 per [m.sup.2], including nauplii and copepodite instars (Roff and Carter, 1972).
"I thanked my lucky stars that I didn't sit upstairs," said 45-yearold Roff.
From Back Page when told about his achievement at the expense of 86 times-capped Roff.
Ms Rabbit Roff reckons that for the small inconvenience of losing one of their organs they could charge around 28 grand.
On November 9, 2010, the PVA chapter and the Department of Veterans Affairs-Eastern Colorado Health Care System (VA-ECHCS) gave VA-ECHCS Director Lynette Roff a commemorative ring as thanks for the outstanding service and support VA-ECHCS displayed preparing for and staging the Games.
It was with some surprise that the present reviewer learned that Bill Roff first had his interest in Southeast Asia awakened in Burma as a visiting merchant mariner, and not in the Malay world with which his scholarship has long been concerned.
Reditus bought the company via its subsidiary ROFF.
This is why fitness is often highly correlated with body size (Peters 1983, Stearns 1992, Honek 1999, Roff 2002).
All eyes will be on former Wallaby Joe Roff, who leads Oxford for the first time in his second Varsity fixture.