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ROPSRecognized Obligation Payment Schedule (California Department of Finance)
ROPSRoll Over Protection System (Volvo)
ROPSRoll over Protection System
ROPSRoll over Protective Structure
ROPSRisc Operations
ROPSRollover Protective Structures
ROPSRovaniemen Palloseura (Finland soccer group)
ROPSRollover Protective System
ROPSRange Operations Squadron
ROPSRandom Oligonucleotide-Primed Synthesis
ROPSRunway Overrun Protection System (avionics)
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NOTE: The WTR configurations can be utilized as the base machine for tow tractor applications; however, the entity converting this configuration to a tow tractor will need to ensure that the finished product meets applicable requirements for roll over protective structure ( ROPS ), braking, steering, sound limitations, operating performance, weight limitations, etc.
ROPS is Roll Over Protective Structure. Both protect the operator if the machine rolls or tips.
Examples of such roll over protective structures are the following: tractors, especially those which have attached a crane, frontal loader machines, auto cranes, tipping trucks, scrapers and graders.