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ROMARepresentational Oligonucleotide Microarray Analysis (genome study)
ROMAResults-Oriented Management and Accountability
ROMARobust Open Multi-Agent Systems
ROMARental, Owners and Managers Association
ROMAResults Oriented Management Assessment
ROMARadix Omnium Malorum Avaritia (Latin: Root of all Evil is Greed)
ROMARight Out of My Ass
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As part of the project, they will hold weekly workshops with a view to the preservation of traditions, arrange exhibitions and organise a history conference on the occasion of the Memorial Day of the Roma Holocaust.
Life storiesRather than statistics or abstract lectures, the stories of real Roma attract attention and frame an image of students from excluded communities.
Over the past four months, more than 50 young Roma men and women from Donji Vakuf, Travnik, Prnjavor, Vitez, Fojnica, Bijeljina, Tuzla and Vukosavlje were involved in this activist initiative, who after organizing educational modules, designed and implemented more than 30 small activities in their Roma communities.
One of the main causes of Roma's migration after 1990 were the ethnical tensions, evidence supporting that during those times authorities found it impossible to control and limit the ethnical conflicts and victimization of Roma population.
Life-threatening living conditions for more than ten years for about 600 Roma, including families and children, by the end of the '90s in a lead contaminated area in the north of Kosovo (Cesmin Lug, Osterode, Zitkovac, Mitrovica) probably represented the most extreme case in Europe when the state could not protect Roma's right to health (Commissioner of Human Rights, 2009).
In World War II, up to half of all Roma were killed by the Nazis in the Porraijmos, or Roma Holocaust, an atrocity not officially commemorated until the 1990s.
For so long, Theuer had been urging Roma to make his services more accessible to Metro south clientele.
I speak the Roma language, know the Roma culture, I can help them communicate with schools and health services and connect with the communities in which they live.
In end-May, anti-Roma unrest erupted in the southwestern municipality of Garmen, with protesters demanding the swift demolition of illegal buildings housing Roma families.
Many of the Turkish Cypriot Roma moved to the south of the island when the crossings began opening up from 2003 and on in order to avail of better living conditions and benefits, including free health care.
On Wednesday, the Roma of Thrace got together for a festival that was suggested by AK Party Edirne deputy and Health Minister Mehmet ME-ezzinoy-lu.