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RADCRoyal Army Dental Corps
RADCRome Air Development Center (USAF)
RADCRegional Air Defense Commander (US DoD)
RADCRush Alzheimer's Disease Center
RADCRemote Area Data Collector
RADCResearch Associates for Defense Conversion (New York)
RADCRiley Area Development Corporation (Indianapolis, IN)
RADCRegional Air Defense Command
RADCRegional Air Defense Center
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He also served in Air Force Systems Command as manager of the development of the Pave Mover Program at Rome Air Development Center--the forerunner of the Joint Stars System--and later as Commander of Rome Air Development Center.
Even as increasing complexity of parts threatened reliability in the 1970s, the Air Force's Rome Air Development Center (RADC) played a key role in determining the physics of failure, developing standards, and teaching industry how to make parts highly reliable.
I was appointed project engineer for a program funded by the Rome Air Development Center.
But by then, the Rome Air Development Center was ready to place a large order for DAJs, and General Electric wanted to mass-produce it to make some money out of the project.
Bersh also served as chief of the Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Branch at the Rome Air Development Center in Rome, N.
The new Rome Laboratory, headquartered at Griffiss Air Force Base, NY, will include Rome Air Development Center branches at Griffiss and Hanscom Air Force Base, MA.
After an additional year of graduate study at the University of California, Berkeley, he began working for the Electromagnetics Directorate, Rome Air Development Center, Hanscom Air Force Base, Massachusetts, where he has been employed to the present time.
He joined the Rome Air Development Center as a co-op student in 1981 and has been a full-time employee since 1985.
From the mid-1960s through the early 1970s, physicist Raymond Urtz led a pivotal series of experiments by USAF's Rome Air Development Center (RADC) to characterize the effect of atmospheric turbulence on laser beams.
Accordingly, the Air Force Systems Command created the SEEK TALK Program Office at Hanscom AFB, using the Electronic Systems Division, Rome Air Development Center and MHTRE.