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and the balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet. How does that strike you?"
That very evening, marked by Mr Kidd for the exposition of Catastrophism, had been marked by Sir Claude Champion for an open-air rendering of Romeo and Juliet, in which he was to play Romeo to a Juliet it was needless to name.
A gaudy, unnatural gold ornament on the arm suddenly reminded Kidd of Romeo and Juliet; of course the tight crimson suit was part of the play.
It was Romeo and Juliet. I must admit that I was rather annoyed at the idea of seeing Shakespeare done in such a wretched hole of a place.
'Romeo and Juliet, 'Hamlet,' and indeed most of his plays, contain unnecessary scenes, interesting to the Elizabethans, which Sophocles as well as Racine would have pruned away.
Even in the one, unique, tragedy of the period, 'Romeo and Juliet,' the main impression is not that of the predestined tragedy, but that of ideal youthful love, too gloriously radiant to be viewed with sorrow even in its fatal outcome.
I would have you sit under a leafy tree side by side, and read together Romeo and Juliet; and then I would have you fall on your knees and on my behalf kiss the ground on which her foot has left its imprint; then tell her it is the homage of a poet to her radiant youth and to your love for her.
Miss Wilkinson oddly enough had suggested that they should read Romeo and Juliet together; but Philip had firmly declined.
Romeo And Juliet will be broadcast live on Tuesday, June 11, at 7.15pm with an encore screening on Sunday, June 16, at 2pm.
Romeo and Juliet is directed by RSC Deputy Artistic Director, Erica Whyman who said: "In 2016 we visited the New Theatre with my production of A Midsummer's Night's Dream: A Play for the Nation, which featured a number of local schoolchildren.
"The demands are on all levels: technically, dramatically, emotionally." For its 49th season with Adam Sage as regisseur, Ballet Philippines is taking on this task as it brings back Reyes' Romeo and Juliet, a jewel in the company's vast and impressive repertoire.
Some social media users could not help but think Romeo and Juliet was a poor choice of names, considering how the Shakespearean drama ends.