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However, the likelihood of Romney and Ryan locking arms with "good Democrats," as Romney put it this week, to solve the nation's problems is dubious given the GOP nominee's legislative priorities, Politico reports.
I believe that Romney and Ryan can put us back on the path to sanity, but even then it is not going to be painless for our country and ASG.
But with Romney and Ryan, the agenda simply speeds up and destroys faster, more violently, with true theocratic maniacal fervor.
The report, released Monday, found that nearly six in 10 Medicare recipients would pay higher premiums under a privatized system similar to what Romney and Ryan have proposed.
If Romney and Ryan were running in 1980, before mass immigration and secularism transformed America, these numbers would translate into a GOP landslide.
Romney and Ryan seek to inject greater competition by converting Medicare s guaranteed benefits into vouchers that can be used to purchase private insurance or traditional Medicare coverage.
* Romney and Ryan have some respect for businessmen and profits; Obama, to put it mildly, has none.
Today, Mitt Romney and Ryan are promising another cut in tax rates and again predicting that good times will follow.
Romney and Ryan framed their assault on Obama stewardship and offered it as red meat to the ravenous Republican acolytes last week.
Obama August 30 - Romney and Ryan are October 3, 16, and 22 - Series of presidential debates live on TV.
The Republican voters now have to believe that the Republican administration, which the neoconservatives have led on behalf of George W Bush and generated an ongoing international crisis, is threatening to return with Romney and Ryan, to undertake other losing wars and destroy what is left of the economy of the United States and the world.