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RATTRoom At the Top
RATTReduce Auto Theft in Texas (Texas Automobile Burglary and Theft Prevention Authority)
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RATTRescue All Terrain Transport
RATTRelative Arrival Time Technique
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RATTRadio, Telephone, & Teletype
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When he followed me thither, I went to a box room at the top of the house and, in order to be alone with my aching miseries, locked myself in.
Not less than mine became her desire that I should have my way - but, ah, the iron seats in that park of horrible repute, and that bare room at the top of many flights of stairs
After a strained moment of silence, he leaned across and said, very quietly, but watching the effect of each word upon the face of him he had sent for, "Alan, in a locked room at the top of this house, a room to which nobody but myself has access, a dead man is seated at a table.
He jumped off her lap and tore round and round the room at the top of his speed; and every time he passed Miss Pink he showed the whole range of his teeth and snarled ferociously at her ankles.
Grant Munro rushed into the lighted room at the top, and we entered at his heels.
Hilbery elicited the facts that not only was the house of excruciating ugliness, which Ralph bore without complaint, but that it was evident that every one depended on him, and he had a room at the top of the house, with a wonderful view over London, and a rook.
No,' rejoined the youth, with a melancholy look; 'a room--I remember I slept in a room, a large lonesome room at the top of a house, where there was a trap-door in the ceiling.
As to your room, choose any empty room at the top of the house.
Now she can add starring in an adaptation of a seminal British novel to that impressive list as Jenna joins the cast of an adaptation of John Braine's 1950s cautionary tale of ambition, love and loss, Room At The Top.
Room at the Top is a classic tale about one man's struggle to gain status against all odds.
This comparison of the tropes and stereotypes present in Room at the Top and This Sporting Life with those which appear in the fiction of an earlier North, from authors such as Elizabeth Gaskell and the Brontes, allows me to highlight the twentieth-century works as sharing similar tropes and motifs with the earlier portrayals of masculinity.
In London last week, former GMTV presenter Jardine picked up a Royal Television Society Award for best regional presenter for shows such as Room at the Top, Tonight at the Top and Wheelnuts.