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Although many dentists believe that the sterilizing medicaments they are using in root canal therapy are very efficient, through the use of several tests, Dr.
The pain related to overuse usually causes people to stop bleaching before it does any significant harm, but it is possible that they could damage the nerve enough to require root canal therapy.
Researchers are continuing investigations into the in vitro properties of resin-reinforced, calcium-phosphate cements, filling materials that can be used to repair exposures of the tooth pulp, eliminating the need for root canal therapy in many cases.
All dentists are fully trained in root canal therapy, but there are specialist endodontists who have postgraduate training and specialise in carrying out root treatment.
Lasers may prove to be a valuable and safe tool in root canal therapy, say University of Alberta researchers.
2 Initial root canal therapy has been shown to be a predictable therapy showing high degree of success.
In certain--although rare--cases when a dog's tooth is damaged, options extend beyond root canal therapy and extractions.
The clinic offers a wide range of procedures such as: veneers, dental implants, crowns, bonding, whitening, root canal therapy, dentures and partials, oral hygiene, periodontics, wisdom teeth removal and more; including general family dental services.