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RMSRoot-Mean-Square (power measurement)
RMSRichard M. Stallman
RMSRecords Management System
RMSRoyal Mail Ship
RMSRadiation Monitoring System
RMSRoyal Mail Steamer
RMSRecord Management Services
RMSRepublik Maluku Selatan (Republic of the South-Moluccas)
RMSRoyal Microscopical Society
RMSRaytheon Missile Systems
RMSRecords Management Society
RMSReceivable Management Services
RMSRoyal Meteorological Society
RMSRadio Marketing Service (Hamburg, Germany)
RMSRailway Mail Service
RMSRoyal Mail Steamship
RMSRate Monotonic Scheduling
RMSRack Mount Space
RMSReadiness Management Support
RMSRoyal Mail Service
RMSRecovery Management System
RMSReconfigurable Manufacturing System
RMSRocky Mountain Slides (Salida, CO)
RMSRotating Magnet
RMSRaw Material Supply
RMSRuss Martin Show (radio)
RMSRubbermaid Medical Solutions
RMSRussian Mathematical Surveys
RMSReconnaissance Management System
RMSRecipe Management System (manufacturing)
RMSReloadable Motor System
RMSRecovery Management Support
RMSRainwater Management Solutions
RMSRapid Message Service (HeyAnita
RMSRevue des Mathématiques de l'Enseignement Supérieur (French: Journal of Higher Education Mathematics)
RMSRepair Management System (various companies)
RMSRemote Monitoring Subsystem
RMSRocket Management System
RMSRide Motion Simulator
RMSRapid Message Service (HeyAnita, Inc.)
RMSRake Management System
RMSRocky Mountain Semester (High Mountain Institute)
RMSRichmond Montessori School (Richmond, Virginia)
RMSRange Management Squadron
RMSRoughness Measurement System
RMSRedmax Management Suite
RMSRemote Master Station
RMSRoutemagic Server
RMSRaw Materials Surcharge (steel)
RMSRex Marechal Shapes (Berkeley Vale, NSW, Australia surfboard shaper)
RMSRapid Multilingual Support (DARPA Babylon program)
RMSRoadside Mail Service (Australia Post)
RMSRange Measuring System
RMSRoyal Merchant Ship
RMSRoosevelt Magnet School (Peoria, IL)
RMSRuffing Montessori School (Cleveland Heights, OH)
RMSRamp Metering Station (traffic management)
RMSRequest for Merge Specification
RMSRelocation Management Solutions (New York)
RMSRedundancy Management Services (Telcordia)
RMSRemember My Service
RMSRouting Management System
RMSRandom Message Selection
RMSRemovable Memory System
RMSRoyal Mushroom Sirkus (theRMS album)
RMSRushey Mead School (UK)
RMSRelational Management System
RMSRecruiting Main Station
RMSRotorcraft Mapping System
RMSRapid Mobile Surgical (hospital)
RMSRedistribution Management System
RMSReine Musikleistung (German: effective music output of speakers)
RMSRequirements Mediations Service
RMSRemote Maintenance Station(s)
RMSReliability and Maintainability Simulator
RMSResource Monitoring Subsystem
RMSRadar Maintenance Spares
RMSReducing Metering Station
RMSRetarder Modulation Solenoid
RMSReady Maintenance Stores
RMSRegional Maintenance Shop
RMSRegular Menu Staging
RMSRotary Mechanical Splicing
RMSRoyal Majesty Services
RMSRail Maintenance Service (KPR locomotives)
RMSReport of Material State
RMSRich Message Service
RMSRappahannock Music Society (Virginia)
RMSRadio Measurement Statistics
RMSReims Management School (France)
RMSReturn Management System (software)
RMSRedundancy Management System
RMSRetail Managed Services
RMSRiverwood Middle School
RMSReference Member State
RMSReturn My Serve
RMSRespiratory Monitoring System
RMSRoyal Military School (various locations)
RMSRemote Measurement System
RMSRocks My Socks
RMSRisk Management Solutions, Inc
RMSRisk Management Strategy
RMSRestaurant Management System (Point of Sale)
RMSRevere Middle School (Richfield, OH)
RMSRespiratory Muscle Strength
RMSRelapsing Multiple Sclerosis (disease)
RMSResource Management Services
RMSResident Management System
RMSRevenue Market Share
RMSRada Mladeze Slovenska (Slovak: Youth Council of Slovakia)
RMSRemote Management Software
RMSRobinson Middle School (Plano, Texas)
RMSRequirements Management System
RMSRedwood Middle School (California)
RMSRetail Management System
RMSRemote Monitoring System
RMSResource Management Solutions (Spokane, WA)
RMSRights Management Services (Microsoft Windows Server 2003)
RMSRequest Management System
RMSRequirements Management System (National Imagery Collection Requirements)
RMSRobotic Manufacturing System
RMSRemote Manipulator System (Space Shuttle)
RMSRemote Mine-hunting System
RMSReliability Management System (Western Systems Coordinating Council initiative for assuring reliable electric power)
RMSReliability, Maintainability, Supportability
RMSRelative Market Share
RMSRisk Management System
RMSRevenue Management System
RMSRevision Management System
RMSResource Management System
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Comparison of root-mean-square values obtained by using this software with data from [11] are presented in Fig.
Caption: Figure 5: Distribution of root-mean-square of pressure fluctuations ([p.
IJ IJ with Filter Average Value (mean [+ or -] SD) (mean [+ or -] SD) Root-Mean-Square Error 11.
The relationships between the number of termites and the root-mean-square value of the detected wave for experiments 1a and 1b are shown in Figure 5.
The averaging techniques considered are; arithmetic, harmonic, geometric, and root-mean-square.
The diameter and height average of the hill-like structures and the root-mean-square of surface roughness were analyzed in this study.
Some also wanted to know the root-mean-square (rms) deformation of the mirror, as well as its peak-to-valley (p-v) error.
The typical horizontal wheel machine will operate at a root-mean-square motor load of about 83% even though its peak power input often exceeds 1 00% of rated output for short periods of time.
20 SCIENCE geophysicists report that estimates of the earth's pole position made by satellite laser ranging (SLR) and very long baseline interferometry (VLBI) differ by about 2 milliseconds (msec) of arc, or about 6 centimeters, indicating that this is the maximum total root-mean-square error for both techniques together.
The typical root-mean-square (RMS) phase noise jitter for both frequencies is 400fS, making these perfect for PCIe, Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet applications, since it gives designers ample margin in their designs to meet the jitter requirements of these standards.