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RONResearch Octane Number (gasoline)
RONRemain(ing) Overnight
RONRomanian New Leu (Romanian currency)
RONReady or Not
RONRise of Nations (game)
RONRecord of Needs (special education; UK)
RONRepublic of Nauru
RONRemain Over Night (aviation)
RONResearch Octane Number
RONRun of Network
RONRose O'Neill (creator of the Kewpie Doll, early millionaire, and illustrator; circa 1910)
RONAir Nauru (ICAO code)
RONRete Ondametrica Nazionale (Italian: Ondametrica National Network; climate)
RONTotal on Resistance (electronics)
RONReform Ohio Now (election reform group)
RONRidder in de Orde van Oranje Nassau (Dutch: Knight in the Order of Oranje Nassau)
RONRe-Open Nominations (voting systems)
RONReturn on Net Worth (finance)
RONResilient Overlay Network
RONReality or Nothing (Dennis Potter's Cold Lazarus)
RONRouting Organization Number
RONReport of Nonconformance
RONRussian Overlay Network
RONRemote Online Network
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It's more than likely there hasn't been an actual change compared to last year in the rivers, it's more that monitoring systems are now more sophisticated,' explains Rose O'Neill, water policy manager for WWF.
She is the Director of the Rose O'Neill Literary House and teaches at Washington College in Maryland.
She is the interim director of the Rose O'Neill Literary House and an assistant professor of English at Washington College.
Rose O'Neill, co-ordinator of the Baby Jacob Fund, said: "Billa has put this together with the O'Shea family at the Flying Enterprise and it's a huge honour to have a man of his experience and talent coming on board.
Owen, and David and Rose O'Neill (no relation, although born in the same year, 1874) are absolutely new to me.
Kewpie dolls were first sold in 1909 and are based on illustrations by Rose O'Neill, which first appeared in the Ladies' Home Journal.
Local woman Rose O'Neill said she couldn't stop shaking while watching the race.
Rose O'Neill, 53, newsagent, Percy Main: I am scared of the Metro on a night.