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Previously, Dr Lenaz has conducted research at prominent institutions including Roswell Park Memorial Institute, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and the National Cancer Institute in Milan.
Specifically, he questioned a 1979 survey of Love Canal residents by the biochemist Beverly Paigen of the Buffalo-based Roswell Park Memorial Institute. Paigen's survey concluded that "area residents showed high rates of pregnancy disorders, birth defects, and other illnesses." Zuesse reported that a five-member panel of scientists had reviewed Paigen's study and found that it was "literally impossible to interpret" and that it "cannot be taken seriously as a piece of sound epidemiological evidence."
Early studies by researchers at the Roswell Park Memorial Institute (Buffalo, NY) suggested an increased number of stillbirths, birth defects, and other adverse reproductive outcomes in Love Canal children (Goldman et al.
10% skimmed milk (Hi Media) {SM} and Roswell Park Memorial Institute media (GIBCO) + 10% glycerol (RPMI).
El extracto metanolico (libre del solvente) se llevo a una concentracion de 800 [micron]g/ml empleando medio RPMI 1640 (Roswell Park Memorial Institute) esteril como diluyente y se almaceno a 4 [grados]C hasta su utilizacion.
PBMC were cultured in complete Roswell Park Memorial Institute 1640 medium, 10% v/v heat-inactivated fetal calf serum, 2 mM L-glutamine, and 10 U/mL penicillin/streptomycin at a concentration of 10 (6) cells/mL.
After a year as an assistant cancer research scientist at Roswell Park Memorial Institute in Buffalo, NY, she returned to Imperial College for her M.Sc.
"Populations that eat larger amounts of fat have strikingly higher rates of prostate cancer," says Curtis Mettlin, chief of epidemiology research at Roswell Park Memorial Institute in Buffalo, New York.
Clement Ip, an experimental nutritionist at the Roswell Park Memorial Institute in Buffaclo, N.Y., describes the experiments as original and "good" but says Walker's finding that maternal diet affects offspring cancer risk "is not conceptually new." About five years ago, Ip says, researchers showed a similar increase in chemically induced breast cancers among the daughters of animals fed a high-protein diet.
Steven Piver, chief of the department of gynecologic oncology and director of the Familial Ovarian Cancer Registry at Roswell Park Memorial Institute in Buffalo, was unusually familiar with Gilda's case.
Surveys by her Love Canal Homeowners Association and Beverly Paigen, who was then a cancer researcher at Roswell Park Memorial Institute in nearby Buffalo, showed high miscarriage and birth defect rates in places beyond the original evacuation zone.
In the past, Dr Williams was a member of the board of directors of Oncothyreon and Array BioPharma as well as served on the faculty of the Indiana University School of Medicine and the Department of Laboratory Medicine at the Roswell Park Memorial Institute in Buffalo, New York.