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The two-pinion and gear rotary drive system has a maximum torque rating of 10,000 foot/pounds.
The standard unit is equipped with a rack-and-pinion six-pinion carriage design and a four-pinion and gear rotary drive system. It is powered by a 700-hp Caterpillar C-18 Tier III diesel engine and is engineered with a triple jaw wrench that provides 12 inches of clamp separation, www.americanaugers.com.
The design concept features the versatility of a 5-axis table-on-table approach, coupled with a high speed, high performance rotary drive system for the B- and C-axes.
A new rotary drive system, already being used in CNC machines and aerospace applications, eliminates the problem of backlash in the precise positioning of mechanical components.
The DD 210's high rotary torque can turn large diameter reamers in long bores due to the maximum 25,000 foot/pound rotary drive system. The standard unit is also designed with field proven pipe handling with remote hydraulic crane, adjustable torque limiter for rotary and makeup force, adjustable force limiter for thrust and pullback, rear downrigger-style hydraulic thrust stabilizer, a wrench/clamp that can be repositioned within 60 inches for convenient makeup and breakout, and independent controls and hydraulic circuits for thrust/pullback torque and auxiliary operations permits simultaneous full power usage.