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RATRaton (Amtrak station code; Raton, NM)
RATRemote Administration Tool
RATRace Against Time
RATRadio Access Technology
RATRough and Tumble (South African combat sport/art)
RATRapid Antigen Test
RATRegister Alias Table
RATRestore after Termination
RATRemote Access Trojan
RATRandom Access Time
RATRoute Attribute Table
RATRating System File
RATReal Application Testing
RATRobust Audio Tool
RATRange and Taxi
RATReal Application Testing (software)
RATRam Air Turbine
RATRobust Audio Tool (teleconferencing)
RATRock Abrasion Tool (NASA Mars Exploration Rover)
RATRitual Abuse-Torture (psychology)
RATRemote Access Trojans (CERTs - Hacker Programs)
RATRouter Audit Tool
RATRoad Ahead Technologies (various locations)
RATRemove All Tweaks (software)
RATRenderMan Artist Tools (Pixar)
RATReturn Air Temperature
RATRemote Access Terminal
RATRapid Assessment Team
RATRaduzhnyi (Russia)
RATRenewing the Anarchist Tradition (conference)
RATRandall's Adventure & Training
RATReject All Tobacco (Mississippi)
RATRainier Agility Team
RATReadiness Assessment Tool
RATRenewal Agreement Travel
RATRocket-Assisted Torpedo
RATRelative Accuracy Test
RATRapport d'Atelier Territorial (French: Territorial Workshop Report)
RATRocket Assisted Takeoff
RATRoblox Assault Team (gaming clan)
RATRemote Associate Test
RATReady Assets Trust (MLPFS)
RATRight Anterior Thigh
RATRoad Anomalies Tour
RATRecon Assault Team (video gaming clan)
RATRiders Association of Triumph Motorcycles
RATReadiness Assessment Team
RATReliability Assessment Test
RATReliability Assurance Test
RATReverse Arrangement Test
RATReceiver Available Time
RATReach-Around Technology
RATReprogramming Analysis Team (US Army)
RATRouting Analysis Tool
RATReport Authoring Tools
RATRelease After Transmision (token ring, IEEE 802.5)
RATRadiological Assessment/Assistance Team
RATRight Angle Theorem
RATRemote Agent Token
RATRapid Assault Tank (video game)
RATRanges, Ammunition, and Targets
RATRedeployment Assistance Team
RATRobbery Apprehension Team
RATRaytheon Astor Team
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"But in some ways, that rough and tumble is maybe more my comfort zone."
I expected rough and tumble, not wishing me to be dead
28, 2018, and has joked that she might be tough enough to take the rough and tumble that comes with it.
Well, if that is true, the Magpies fell way short of what was needed because they simply couldn't live with the rough and tumble dished out by Jonjo Shelvey in the middle of the park; the ex-Liverpool man was the driving force that helped the Swans to victory.
In his new book, Rough and Tumble, anthropologist Travis Rayne Pickering argues that, while hunting was a major step in the evolution of human ancestors, scientists have overstated the role of aggression.
Right, the Poppins collection, in a vast range of colours, has a young adult feel but is durable enough to withstand childhood rough and tumble
Tesco chiefs are launching shoes with a Permair coating designed to stop leather getting scratched and worn in the rough and tumble of the park and schoolyard.
A poll of UK primary school children's parents by the British Toy and Hobby Association and Play England found that 74% of parents believe schools are too concerned with health and safety to allow kids to enjoy the traditional rough and tumble.
THE BERKELEY THEATRE company Rough and Tumble borrows its moniker from a British boxing term.
I have a concern that some schools are not giving room for some rough and tumble play.
"I want someone I can have a bit of rough and tumble with," she added.
However, it seems the tables could be turning as the Local Government Association (LGA) is urging parents and teachers to encourage children to play traditional rough and tumble games.