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RLPRheinland-Pfalz (state in Germany)
RLPResource Location Protocol (Cisco)
RLPResource Location Protocol
RLPRadio Link Protocol
RLPRoyal Liverpool Philharmonic (UK)
RLPRetail Liquidity Program
RLPRehabilitation Loan Program (various locations)
RLPReactive Liquid Polymer (chemistry)
RLPRepetitive Loss Property (US FEMA)
RLPRegistered Life Planner (trademark of Kinder Institute of Life Planning; financial planning)
RLPRèglement Local de Publicité (French: Local Advertising Regulations)
RLPReligious Liberty Prayer
RLPReal Live Person
RLPRetail Loss Prevention
RLPRevolving Loan Program
RLPRemote Line Printer
RLPRodriguez Lopez Productions (record label)
RLPRegional Learning Project (various organizations)
RLPResidential Life Programs (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
RLPRecrutement de Leaders en Politiques (Canada)
RLPRound Ligament Pain (uterus)
RLPRotary License Plate
RLPReal Life Plus (video game)
RLPRotatable Log Periodic (antenna)
RLPRow-Loff Productions (Nashville, TN)
RLPRetail Loyalty Program
RLPReserved Lightpath
RLPRail Load Planner
RLPReel Life Production (record label)
RLPResolving Logical Paradoxes (NewsRadio TV show)
RLPRaffles Leadership Programme (Singapore)
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Differential Diagnosis Nonobstetric Conditions Obstetric Conditions Urinary calculi Preterm labor Cholelithiasis Abruptio placentae Cholecystitis Chorioamnionitis Bowel obstruction Adnexal torsion Gastroenteritis Ectopic pregnancy Mesenteric adenitis Pelvic inflammatory disease Colonic carcinoma Round ligament pain Rectus hematoma Uteroovarian vein rupture Acute intermittent porphyria Carneous degeneration of myomas Perforated duodenal ulcer Uterine rupture (placenta percreta; rudimentary horn) Pneumonia Meckel's diverticulum Source: Dr.
Differential Dx of Appendicitis Nonobstetric Conditions Urinary calculi Cholelithiasis Cholecystitis Bowel obstruction Gastroenteritis Mesenteric adenitis Colonic carcinoma Rectus hematoma Acute intermittent porphyria Perforated duodenal ulcer Pneumonia Meckel's diverticulum Obstetric Conditions Preterm labor Abruptio placentae Chorioamnionitis Adnexal torsion Ectopic pregnancy Pelvic inflammatory disease Round ligament pain Uteroovarian vein rupture Carneous degeneration of myomas Uterine rupture (placenta percreta; rudimentary horn) Source: Dr.
Many times, pain in the right lower quadrant of the abdomen may be attributed to round ligament pain or urinary tract infection.