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RTTRound-Trip Time
RTTRoof Top Tent
RTTRequest to Talk (radio)
RTTRéduction du Temps de Travail (French: reduction of working time)
RTTReferral To Treatment (medicine)
RTTReal Time Traffic (report)
RTTReal Time Text
RTTRadiation Therapy Technologist
RTTRett Syndrome
RTTReal Time Thread
RTTResponse Time Tracking
RTTReal Time Technology
RTTRender to Texture
RTTReal Time Tactics
RTTRound Trip Time
RTTRender-To-Texture (computer graphics)
RTTRock This Town (band)
RTTRealty Transfer Tax (Pennsylvania)
RTTRadio Transmission Technology
RTTReal-Time Tactics (gaming)
RTTResponse to Terrorism
RTTReverse Turing Test (computer theory)
RTTReady to Test
RTTRemember the Titans (TV show)
RTTResonant Tunneling Transistor
RTTReal-Time Tomography
RTTRapid Technology Transition (Office of Naval Research funding option out of POM cycle)
RTTResistance Point to Point
RTTRound The Twist (Australian children's TV show)
RTTRégie des Télégraphes et des Téléphones (French)
RTTRatio Threshold Test
RTTRequirements Transition Team (US Marine Corps)
RTTRadio Teletypewriter
RTTRound Trip Travel Time
RTTRemember That Time
RTTRight to Turban
RTTRegional Training Team
RTTResponse Technology Team
RTTResources, Trade and Technology (US CIA)
RTTResponse Time Test
RTTRecapture Tactics Team
RTTRadiation Transport Theory
RTTRiver Trails Transit Lines, Inc. (Galena, Illinois)
RTTReal-Time Targeting
RTTRegistered Radiation Therapy Technologist (American Society of Radiologic Technologists)
RTTRadio Transmission Techniques
RTTRequirement Traceability Table
RTTRocket Thrown Torpedo
RTTReconfigurable Tactical Trainer
RTTResearch Tools for Translators
RTTRequirements Tracking Tool
RTTRight-Tailed Test
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With two TCP connections, the CLP method increased link utilization without any fairness loss over a broad range of round-trip time differences.
The first uses an active element or modelocker, which produces a time-varying loss that is synchronized to the round-trip time of the laser cavity.
In joint performance testing using Aspera software and EMC Celerra MPFS, large, multi-Gigabyte files and data sets were transferred at 3 Gbps over global WANs with worst-case Internet conditions (300 milliseconds round-trip time and 5% packet loss) - this is over 1000 times the speed of TCP-based transport protocols, such as FTP, HTTP, scp or rsync under the same conditions.
xGb/s using a single connection over a 10Gb/sec network with 200ms round-trip time.
To ensure the best operation of libraries, the round-trip time agents of the library by moving public transportation may not be longer than 3 hours from the administrative home of the town of Saint-Germain- en-Laye - City Hall - 16 rue de Pontoise - 78100 Saint-Germain-en-Laye, FRANCE.
Moreover, the signal's round-trip time reveals the air current's altitude.
When it comes to latency, major improvements are already measurable: the round-trip time for the fastest futures order was around one millisecond in the old system; now it is just 150 microseconds approximately.
For ITOs and MSPs, this permits them to manage customer network paths with extremely long round-trip time (RTT) and large latency values while still shortening the time span between fault occurrence and notification.
For example, an application writing 200 bytes blocks would not wait for a network round-trip time for each write, but the data would be grouped and sent asynchronously to the Storage Server running Melio FS, without blocking the application.
For network quality engineers seeking comprehensive visibility, no other solution offers Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for critical measurements such as TCP Round-Trip Time (RTT) to determine latency in and out of the mobile network.
Additional IETF RFC compliance for high performance networks (Scaleable TCP windows, Selective Acknowledgement, Round-Trip Time Measurement and detection of wrapped windows) make Fusion an ideal choice for Satellite Communications projects.