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RTTRound-Trip Time
RTTRoof Top Tent
RTTRequest to Talk (radio)
RTTRéduction du Temps de Travail (French: reduction of working time)
RTTReferral To Treatment (medicine)
RTTReal Time Traffic (report)
RTTReal Time Text
RTTRadiation Therapy Technologist
RTTRett Syndrome
RTTRender to Texture
RTTReal Time Thread
RTTReal Time Technology
RTTRound Trip Time
RTTReal Time Tactics
RTTResponse Time Tracking
RTTRender-To-Texture (computer graphics)
RTTRock This Town (band)
RTTRealty Transfer Tax (Pennsylvania)
RTTRadio Transmission Technology
RTTReal-Time Tactics (gaming)
RTTResponse to Terrorism
RTTReverse Turing Test (computer theory)
RTTReady to Test
RTTRemember the Titans (TV show)
RTTResonant Tunneling Transistor
RTTReal-Time Tomography
RTTRapid Technology Transition (Office of Naval Research funding option out of POM cycle)
RTTResistance Point to Point
RTTRound The Twist (Australian children's TV show)
RTTRégie des Télégraphes et des Téléphones (French)
RTTRatio Threshold Test
RTTRequirements Transition Team (US Marine Corps)
RTTRadio Teletypewriter
RTTRound Trip Travel Time
RTTRemember That Time
RTTRight to Turban
RTTRegional Training Team
RTTResponse Technology Team
RTTResources, Trade and Technology (US CIA)
RTTResponse Time Test
RTTRecapture Tactics Team
RTTRadiation Transport Theory
RTTRiver Trails Transit Lines, Inc. (Galena, Illinois)
RTTReal-Time Targeting
RTTRadio Transmission Techniques
RTTRegistered Radiation Therapy Technologist (American Society of Radiologic Technologists)
RTTRocket Thrown Torpedo
RTTRequirement Traceability Table
RTTReconfigurable Tactical Trainer
RTTResearch Tools for Translators
RTTRequirements Tracking Tool
RTTRight-Tailed Test
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Figure 10(b) shows the relationship between the Average Round-Trip Time (RTT and the vehicle running velocity.
Round-Trip Time is also an important performance metric.
Round-Trip Time (ms) User packet size (bytes) System 1 512 CORBA (VisiBroker 3.2) 3.1 6.9 RWANDA (Basic IP Stack) 2.4 5.2 We compared the latency characteristics with the CORBA version.
The beam rebounds back to Global Surveyor, and the altimeter measures the elapsed round-trip time and estimates the elevation.
However, the arrival of the return pulse from the second target is delayed from the first return by twice the target separation divided by the speed of light - because the round-trip time from the range of the first target to the range of the second target is added.
Round-trip time, not including stopovers, is about 90 minutes.
We compare the transaction packet condition and round-trip time of the remote control model for PCD data communication based on CoAP and MQTT.
For example, the round-trip time between Singapore and Japan is about 100 milliseconds, and the round trip between North America and Japan is about 200 milliseconds.
KPIs were network availability, service availability, download and upload bandwidth speed, how much data a subscriber can receive or send to the maximum, round-trip time, the time taken for the data to reach a particular destination and return, contention ratio, the ratio of total bandwidth and number of subscribers or number of subscribers per unit of bandwidth and retain ability, for how much time a connection remained connected during the period of 60 minutes.
The scientists collect data on the round-trip time and path followed as each packet hops from computer to computer to get to its destination.
Because of the problems that can occur between client and server in larger networks, it is imperative that service levels be based on the total round-trip time for application-level transactions.
This results in a doubling of the window in each round-trip time. Slow start allows users to quickly attain maximum transmission rates when network bandwidth is available.