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RICRehabilitation Institute of Chicago
RICRhode Island College
RICRegulated Investment Company
RICRooted in Community (network)
RICResin Identification Code (plastic resin usage)
RICReferee-in-Chief (sports)
RICResearch and Innovation Center (various organizations)
RICRoyal Irish Constabulary
RICRealtime Interface Co-Processor
RICRemote Indigenous Community (Australia)
RICReuters Instrument Code
RICReceiver-In-Canal (hearing aid configuration)
RICRussia, India, China
RICRoman Imperial Coinage
RICRoutine Infant Circumcision
RICResources Inventory Committee
RICRouting Identifier Code
RICRisk, Information and Claims (insurance)
RICRégiment d'Infanterie Coloniale (French: Colonial Infantry Regiment)
RICRapid Intervention Crew
RICReconnaissance Intelligence Centre (UK)
RICReverse Iron Condor (trading strategy)
RICRassemblement pour l'Initiative Citoyenne (French: Rally for the Citizen Initiative)
RICRecovery Information Center (various organizations)
RICRap Is Crap (song/video; t-shirt/slogan)
RICRoyal Institution of Cornwall (England)
RICRegional Innovation Center
RICRehabilitation Impairment Category
RICRoyal Institute of Chemistry
RICReciprocating Internal Combustion (engine)
RICRhumatismes Inflammatoires Chroniques (French: Chronic Inflammatory Rheumatism)
RICRegistro de Información Catastral (Guatemala)
RICRetail Installment Contract
RICRockwell International Corp.
RICRadiocommunication Information Circular (Canada)
RICRegional Information Centre
RICRéseau International de La Concurrence (French: International Competition Network)
RICRoots Intention Crew (band)
RICRare Earth Information Center
RICRichmond, VA, USA - Richmond International Airport (Airport Code)
RICRadon Information Center
RICRecord Identification Code
RICRemote Intelligent Communications
RICRéseau d'information sur la conservation
RICRegional Instrumentation Center (Morocco)
RICRepatriation Information Center
RICResource Integration Center (Bangladesh)
RICRegolamento Internazionale Carrozze (European railway treaty in 1922)
RICRadio Identification Code
RICReactor Incore Control (nuclear energy)
RICRouting Indicator Code
RICRenaissance Immobilière Châlonnaise (French real estate company)
RICReconstruction Information Center
RICResident in Charge (healthcare)
RICReinvention Impact Center
RICRéseau Intelligence de La Complexité (French: Network Intelligence Complexity)
RICRecord Item Complex
RICResistance, Inductance and Capacitance
RICReconnaissance Interpretation Centre
RICRegional Incident Commander
RICRing Interface Card (Sycamore)
RICResource Implementation Cooperative
RICResearch Triangle Park Information Center
RICRepairable Items Conference
RICRadar Intercept Control
RICRural Instruction Centre
RICRadar/IFF Controller
RICRAF Photographic Reconnaissance
RICRequirement-to-Image Correlation
RICRestrained Instruction Count
RICRepeater Interface Control
RICReliability Importance Calculator
RICResource/Repairable Identification Code
RICRepairable Identification/Item Code
RICRepair Induction Code
RICRemote Isolation Chamber
RICReceiver Interface Controller
RICRadio Information Center
RICReading in Copy (such as in cc: of an e-mail)
RICRegional Industry Collaboration
RICReferential Integrity Check
RICRadio Interconnect Controller (two-way radio)
RICRetirement Income Checkup
RICRoblox Infanty Corps
RICRéunions d'Information Création (French: Information Design Meeting)
RICRotating Inventory Count
RICRecently Industrialized Country
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It is time for all Americans--circumcised and not circumcised--to see the practice of routine infant circumcision for what it is: a barbaric, uncivilized, rights-violating ritual that should be prohibited by law.
And physicians should end their nonsensical and immoral deference to barbaric cultural and religious practices, stop promoting the quack science used to rationalize the practice, properly educate parents about circumcision, and righteously refuse to perform routine infant circumcisions.
I speak out against routine infant circumcision because the pain and remorse I felt when I found out the truth cut me so deeply that I cannot let anyone else feel like like this.
Second, many countries are being pressured to draft plans for routine infant circumcision.
with its tradition of routine infant circumcision, still wins.
It was only recently that I found out that state Medicaid programs were paying for a procedure deemed not medically necessary--non-therapeutic routine infant circumcision.
I became an intactivist earlier this year, although I always questioned the legality of routine infant circumcision and it angered me that the United States of America allows infant males to be routinely circumcised when no medical organization in the world recommends it.
There is no question that the CDC is tremendously alarmed about the sixteen [as reported elsewhere in this issue, the figure as of February 1 is now seventeen--Editor] states that do not fund routine infant circumcision through Medicaid.
I was pleased to see that so many pediatricians do not support routine infant circumcision, but was disappointed that so many took the fall-back position that it is the parents' decision and they will perform the surgery if requested by the parent.