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RINResearch Information Network (UK)
RINRenewable Identification Number (US EPA)
RINResource Identification Number
RINRegional Information Network
RINRadio Italia Network (Italian: Radio Network Italy; broadcaster)
RINRegulatory Information Notice (Australian energy markets)
RINRelative Intensity Noise
RINRNA Integrity Number (software algorithm)
RINRoyal Institute of Navigation (UK)
RINReference Identification Number (various locations)
RINRussian Information Network (Russia)
RINRecord Identification Number
RINRetirement Index Number (various companies)
RINRoyal Indian Navy (WWII)
RINRèglement Intérieur National de la Profession d'Avocat (French: National Internal Regulations of the Legal Profession)
RINRegulatory Identifier Number
RINRenewal Identification Number (vehicle registration)
RINRegistrant Identification Number (Canada)
RINRensselaer Identification Number (student/employee tracking)
RINReport Identification Number
RINRassemblement pour l'Independence Nationale
RINRouting Instruction Note
RINRadiation Information Network (Idaho State University website)
RINRetrofit Incorporation Notice
RINReturn Incident Number
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Sir Humphrey commanded the Royal Indian Navy and was later governor of Newfoundland before rejoining the Royal Navy.
Meanwhile, HTMS Bangpakong, is a Flower-class corvette, previously HMS Burnet (K348) of the Royal Navy and HMIS Gondwana (K348) of the Royal Indian Navy, acquired in 1947.
The sound work sketches a little-known incident in India's colonial past, the Bombay Mutiny: In 1946, on the cusp of India's independence the following year, Indian seamen of the Royal Indian Navy, bolstered by Bombay's trade unions, rose against British officers.
In February 1946, almost 20,000 sailors of the Royal Indian Navy serving on 78 ships mutinied against the Empire.
51 Royal Air Force and Commonwealth squadrons flew in support of the land |operations, and the Royal Navy, including Royal Marines, and the Royal Indian Navy provided vital assistance in the provision of landing craft, minesweeping, gunfire support and other duties.
Nearly 2.5 million men served in the all-volunteer Indian Army and a further 60,000 in the Royal Indian Navy and Indian Air Force.
In close consultation with the Steering Committee acting under the orders of the Partition Council to prepare plan for the creation from the existing Armed Forces in India namely the Royal Indian Navy the Indian Army and the Royal Indian Air Force (including the various installations establishments and stores owned by the present Defence Department of the Government of India) of two separate self-contained and self-sufficient parts one for each of the two dominions into which British India is to be divided.
12 on 11 July.25 Press release on the above decisions was issued on 12 July by the Federal Ministry of Information from New Delhi with the consent of the Viceroy.26 As per this notification the division of Royal Indian Navy and the Royal Indian Army was to be as follows:
Earlier in his life, Willie had served with the Royal Indian Navy, and wrote Israel's maritime law when the country was formed.
Following 18 months on night patrol in the English Channel, he was seconded to the Royal Indian Navy where he became Commander of 55th Flotilla and spent five years on operational duties off the Burma coast.
He served in the Royal Indian Navy in World War II and graduated from Camborne School of Mines in 1949.
Theirs is perhaps the best example of the dictum ' justice delayed is repeated orders, has said: " It is declared that the petitioners who were discharged from Royal Indian Navy on the grounds of being excess to requirements will also be treated along with other categories of Royal Indian Navy discharges who were treated eligible for the benefit of pension under the Swathantrata Sainik Samman Pension Scheme 1980." RINMA vice president 85- yearold Prabhakaranunni Nair, one already forwarded its representation to the central home department.
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