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Part of the land was home to a Royal Ordnance Factory which was commissioned during World War II and went on to form the origins of the industrial estate after it was decommissioned.
"I think it's really positive to see it being regenerated from its previous use as the Royal Ordnance Factory site and to see it being used again."
Four years after taking on the Rex, Charles made cinemas his full-time career by quitting the Royal Ordnance Factory in Blackburn and taking on the Royalty cinema in Bowness-on-Windermere.
I am having difficulty in finding pictures and information about the Royal Ordnance Factory in Kirkby.
It didn't seem likely in 1939, when Hemmings' father, a worker at the Royal Ordnance factory at Woolwich, moved to the new ordnance factory at Chorley, in Lancashire, taking his four-year- old son with him.
Campaigners will protest at the gates of the BAE Systems' Royal Ordnance Factory in Glascoed, near Usk, on St David's Day.
DEFENCE Secretary Geoff Hoon has been called upon to help save jobs at Nottingham's Royal Ordnance factory.
"People will be incensed that he has been released after just two years," said Jack Straw, MP for Blackburn...where at least 450 jobs were lost at the town's Royal Ordnance factory because of the fraud.
Designed at the 400-year-old Royal Ordnance Factory, the Enfield Weapon System is unlike any arm yet issued to the British soldier.
Dargavel Village is a multi-million pound development being built on the former Royal Ordnance Factory site in Bishopton, and BAE Systems says it is one of the largest, privately-funded regeneration projects in the UK.
Before they became a PoW camp, the huts, situated off the A48 at Ewenny, Bridgend, were intended to house the female workers who travelled to the Royal Ordnance Factory in Bridgend every day during World War II.
and " He added that they were told by the bomb disposal unit that the objects were empty projectile shells and would have been in transit to the Royal Ordnance factory which was historically located in Chorley for the explosives and fuses to be installed.