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RSYNCRemote Synchronization
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File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and rsync servers follow on 20 percent and 16 percent, respectively.
Such mechanisms include hardware (RAID arrays, redundant clusters) and software (rsync, rdiff-backup).
Es posible automatizar el proceso mediante herramientas como rsync o usar clientes FTP para sincronizar, descargar y actualizar copias cada vez que sea necesario.
solutions with Real-Time Remote Replication (RTRR), rsync and cloud storage
The NetSwap 600 computer backup NAS system features replication with other High-Rely NetSwap appliances, as well as rsync targets.
All that is necessary is to mount the Galileo filesystem image as a filesystem on the build machine and then you can use rsync to copy the wolfSSL package into place.
Online storage and backup host (rsync) has publicly issued a warrant canary since roughly 2005.
Aspera Sync -- The high-performance (10-100X rsync), multidirectional file replication and synchronisation solution for remote collaboration and disaster recovery scenarios offers full integration with Aspera Console for global visibility and control of sync sessions across the entire network, advanced file handling options such as file-level de-duplication eliminating unnecessary transfers and reducing storage use, and added support for OSX and Solaris in addition to Windows and Linux.
There are some open source file synchronizer applications which synchronize the files by a renaming or a moving process, such as Unison (1a), DirSync Pro (2a), LuckyBackup, (3) rsync (4).
From an introduction to Python's possibilities for system administrators to automating remote backups using rsync and customizing the shell, this packs its extensive command reference section with coverage of some 98 utilities and detailed instructions for running and updating Linux systems.