RTSGResearch Training Support Grant (student funding program; various universities; UK)
RTSGReal Time Strategy Game
RTSGReal-Time Systems Group
RTSGRadio-Telephone Systems Group (Motorola)
RTSGReal-Time Scene Graph (computer graphics)
RTSGRaytheon Technical Services Guam, Inc. (Burlington, MA)
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Findings of the review into the disruption to RTSG are expected to be presented to Court, which is then expected to publish the full report and response.
This study expands the Clark and Lee (1998) study and determines vertical errors associated with RTK and real time stop-and-go (RTSG) single frequency carrier phase DGPS, and the vertical error associated with RTK C/A code DGPS.
The sampling approaches tested were real time kinematic (RTK) and stop-and-go (RTSG).
Based on the known locations of the base station and rover (initialization point), the elevation at 200 benchmarks in the field was determined using RTK and RTSG approaches (Leica Inc.
The RTK and RTSG single frequency carrier phase DGPS vertical information was highly correlated to relative elevations at the 200 benchmarks (Figure 1 and 2).
The regression equation relating the elevation measured with the carrier phase DGPS using RTSG (y) to the benchmark elevations (x) was:
In addition to the new RTSG with a value of PS25m a year, around PS70m a year is being made available for our concessionary fares scheme.
Preparing building permit plans for 1-4 units in the case of rkoskeresztr, Zsmbk, Szigetszentmikls and rtsg rescue stations, Arranging the licensing (all 4 rescue stations), Preparing the design documentation (1-1) and designing the designer.
The RTCs will be responsible for working with bus and community transport operators, passenger representatives, and others, to develop Regional Transport Network Strategies that will support their decisions on spending their RTSG allocations.
The RTCs will be responsible for determining how their RTSG allocations will be used to support bus and community transport services within their regions.