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RUGSResearch and University Graduate School
RUGSRegional Users Group Seminar (Gomembers, Inc.)
RUGSRadford University Geological Society (Radford, VA)
RUGSReading University Guides and Scouts (UK)
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"Well," continued the Tin Woodman, "the old woman had an idea that the Powder in the bottle must be moth-powder, because it smelled something like moth-powder; so one day she sprinkled it on her bear rug to keep the moths out of it.
"Well, it stands up on its four feet and walks all around, and gets in the way; and that spoils it for a rug. It can't speak, although it is alive; for, while its head might say words, it has no breath in a solid body to push the words out of its mouth.
A moment longer he tarried to rearrange the disordered rugs, and then he left as he had entered, fastening down the rear wall of the tent as it had been before he had raised it.
On a thick green rug stretched in front of the fireplace, a fox terrier lay blinking at the wood fire.
The fox terrier, after a few moments' scratching at the door, resumed his place upon the rug and curled himself up to renewed slumber.
"Please put me in my chair," she said to him, holding out her rug and cushion.
Will you give my rug and cushion to the deck steward?
Vronsky, have a drink?" said Petritsky, getting up and wrapping the tiger-skin rug round him.
This enclosed place exactly fronted the foot of the bed, to which, indeed, the rug hung so near, that it served in a manner to supply the want of curtains.
Bulstrode's; but here he could not lie down on the rug, and Mrs.
The Rajah condescended to seat himself on a rug under the tree.
Had it not been for the chance that caused Cogdon Nestor to throw down his sleeping rug directly over the hidden instru-ment, it might still be clicking there unheard--and this story still unwritten.