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RuleMLRules and Rule Markup Languages for the Semantic Web
RuleMLRule Markup Language
RuleMLOntology and Rule Integration
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As a novelty this year, there was a highly successful colocation between RuleML 2016 and DecisionCAMP 2016, facilitated by Jacob Feldman and colleagues.
n][member of]B * RLP denotes a set of rule logic programs, such as RuleML, XRML (Lee and Sohn 2003), SRML(Thorpe and Ke 2003) or SWRL (Horrocks, Patel-Schneider et al.
For instance an agent who wants to use either the DRDEVICE or the R-DEVICE rule engine has to provide valid RuleML files.
Following the precedent set in earlier years, RuleML also hosted the Fifth RuleML Doctoral Consortium and the Ninth International Rule Challenge as well as the RuleML Competition, which this year was dedicated to rule-based recommender systems on the web of data.
They include the RuleML (2), OMG Production Rules Representation (PRR) (8), RIF (1), and the REWERSE Il Rule Markup Language (R2ML (1)) (10).
In comparison to XML-based languages like RuleML, (14) RDF makes it easier to achieve semantic interoperability (Decker et al.
RuleML 2015 will be held 2-5 August, 2015, in Berlin, Germany URL: www.
RuleML 2015 will be held August 2-5, 2015, in Berlin, Germany
RuleML 2014 will be held August 18-20 in Prague, Czech Republic