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ROTGRise of the Guardians
ROTGRules of the Game
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ROTGRunnin' of the Green (Denver, CO charity race)
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The rules of the game did not protect so much Michaelis, who was an ex-convict.
But not yet; he meant to get hold of him in his own time, properly and effectively according to the rules of the game.
It was a fine arrangement for Henry Crawford, who was close to Fanny, and with his hands full of business, having two persons' cards to manage as well as his own; for though it was impossible for Fanny not to feel herself mistress of the rules of the game in three minutes, he had yet to inspirit her play, sharpen her avarice, and harden her heart, which, especially in any competition with William, was a work of some difficulty; and as for Lady Bertram, he must continue in charge of all her fame and fortune through the whole evening; and if quick enough to keep her from looking at her cards when the deal began, must direct her in whatever was to be done with them to the end of it.
By all the rules of the game the referee should have broken it, but he did not, and Danny clung on like a surf-battered barnacle and moment by moment recuperated.
Then the herald stood forth and loudly proclaimed the rules of the game as follows:
In order to cover his embarrassment, he made some inane remark on the weather, upon which, instead of returning another inane remark according to the tacit rules of the game, she only gave him a smile of unfathomable meaning.
I am not going to venture a guess as to how we establish new rules of the game.
In between, before the 2006 [July War] the rules of the game were not to attack any place beyond Shebaa, the reason being there are no civilians there, it's a completely militarized zone," Goksel said.
Hamas will have to pay a price for changing the rules of the game," Barak
These divisions are becoming more violent and perhaps the expansion of these divisions is the new element that has changed the rules of the game.
The Little Green Book of Golf Law--The Real Rules of the Game of Golf is written for a general audience with an interest in either of these subjects.
was clarifying the rules of the game, I could not be blamed for my