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ROOKangaroo (short form)
ROORefined Olive Oil
ROORules of Origin
ROORub One Out
ROORight of Occupancy (legal right; various locations)
ROORead Only Operand
ROORoyal Oak Offshore (watch)
ROORenewables Obligation Order (UK)
ROOReturn on Objective
ROORules Of Order
ROOReal Object Oriented (computer programming)
ROOReturn On Opportunity
ROORecruiting Operations Officer (US Army Cadet Command)
ROORegional Outreach Officer (Australia immigration)
ROORichland Operations Office
ROORecord of Origin (Intel)
ROOReserve Officer Orientation
ROOResearch Opportunities Office (various schools)
ROORail Ordnance Officer (Australia)
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But it is the rules of origin that will determine whether preferential trade liberalisation under the AfCFTA can be a game changer for Africa's industrialisation," UNCTAD Secretary-General, Mukhisa Kituyi, said.
Under the EU-Vietnam FTA, the ministry has negotiated to apply more flexible rules of origin. While this FTA also requires rules of origin to apply from fabric onwards, meaning that exports to the EU must use fabric produced in Vietnam or the EU, the agreement also allows firms to use fabric from another third country which has FTAs with both Viet Nam and the EU.
"The principle of the new rules of origin will have to allow a better control of the quality of the manufactured product which would be exchanged only in the Mediterranean zone, without passing through a third country", he added.
Country Rank of HS Description Export code China 8 of 30 8708 Parts and accessories for motor vehicles Japan 1 of 30 8703 cars Japan 3 of 30 8708 Parts and accessories for motor vehicles United States 3 of 30 8703 cars United States 4 of 30 8708 Parts and accessories for motor vehicles Country exports imports trade Import balance ratio China $25.5 $24.2 $1.4 94.7% Japan $91.7 $10.6 $81.1 11.6% Japan $35.3 $7.1 $28.8 20.2% United States $57.1 $155.7 $98.62 72.5% United States $42.9 $58.9 $15.91 37.1% The TPP Rules of Origin for autos recognize (35) that the automotive industry is critical for the economies of a number of the parties to the TPP as well as being critical for non-members.
"Preferential Rules of Origin and the Multilateral Trading System: Pro-Development Policy Options".
Under the plan, the e-commerce platform should be embedded in the Customs rules, procedures, regulations and rules of origin to facilitate trade of the MSMEs among APEC, which have difficulties exporting because they cannot comply with stringent Customs requirements.
The supply and update of data on Rules of origin for the MADB during 2015 will concern goods imported in 25 customs areas.
HM the King also ratified and issued laws 12, 13 and 14 for this year, endorsing the Protocol on amending some provisions of the Air Transportation Agreement, signed by Bahrain and Morocco in Marrakech on June 13, 2002, the Protocol on Rules of Origin for Trade Preferences System between the Member States of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, signed on September 12, 2013, and the Agreement signed between Bahrain and Austria on May 7, 2007, relating to Air Services between and beyond their respective territories.
According to the notification, the Federal Government exempts import to Pakistan from Sri Lanka, if made in conformity with the "rules of Determination of Origin of Goods under the Free Trade Agreement between Pakistan and Sri Lanka (Pakistan-Sri Lanka FTA Rules of Origin)" and the operating "Certification Procedure for the Rules of Origin", notified by the Ministry of Commerce.
The Minister of Trade and Industry, Calle Schlettwein is on record saying: "We should not allow ourselves to be pushed into a corner where the commitments that we then sign harm our ability to develop." At the center of Namibia's refusal to sign the Economic Partnership Agreement with the EU, according to the IMF, is: "(i) Policy space, namely the use of export taxes, infant industry protection, and other trade restrictions that are central elements of Namibia's industrial policy; and (ii) Rules of origin for fish: EU trade agreements use territorial waters (within 12 miles of land) as a criterion for determining the country of origin for fish imports.