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RTTHRun to the Hills (song by Iron Maiden)
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RUN TO THE HILLS looks worth an interest at Ayr in the Crabbies Handicap.
PPI have no problem putting together a complicated colour scheme but throw in some squiggly shapes and over-zealous splodges and I want to run to the hills.
Dickinson, 50, whose hits include Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter and Run To The Hills, has been working as a commercial pilot for Crawley-based airline Astraeus for eight years.
Black Sabbath's Paranoid is revamped Portishead-style with piano and violin, AC/DC's Thunderstruck acquires a sitar and Alanis-like vocal, and Iron Maiden's Run To The Hills remarkably turns traditional folk.
Run to the hills - or at least to the nearest postbox.
And Run To The Hills - perhaps the metal milestone of the 80s - has influenced countless bands, Kamelot amongst them.
uk Last week, David Gillespie, of Hamilton, spotted Iron Maiden's Run To The Hills