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RUNDRally for Unity and Democracy (Rwanda)
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Statman and Rund served time in federal prison, and Kleinman got three years of probation for helping the prosecution.
au, the German Lunor Classic Rund PP glasses, which were designed by Robert Marc and are retailing for 450-495 dollars, have sold out at Marc's eight New York stores.
The Dinka Ngok delegation comprised of several former ministers from the now defunct Abyei administration, according to a UNISFA statement, was led by Manio Rund.
Fr pre-schl and receptin age children they are an abslute jy and a must fr any hme where kids might pp rund.
ISTANBUL, Feb 17, 2011 (TUR) -- Ikea Turkey has recalled RUND glass mugs sold in Turkey as a precautionary measure to avoid possible laceration injuries.
The booth met or exceeded every expectation we had," said Brian Rund, director of branding and marketing services for NuFarm Americas.
Attilio Bleibtreu's Rund um den Reigen, for example, satirizes the hypocrisy of Viennese audiences who are quick to condemn what brings them to the theater--Schnitzler's famous curtain-drops--and even gives a speaking role to one of the stink-bombs thrown during the performance Schnitzler attended on February 16, 1921.
Der Verbraucher in den USA erwartete bisher von einer tiefgekuhlten Pizza, dass sie rund war, mit Kase, Sauce und vielleicht auch anderen Garnierungen belegt und zur Hand war, wenn man ein schnelles Gericht oder einen Snack wollte.
Padraig Harrington prepares to play an approach shot to the ninth green in the first rund of the Wales Open at Celtc Manor Resort, Newport, yesterday.
Anastasiei [1] proved that the Rund connection coincides with the Chern connection.
The 24-year-old, from Wick, near Bridgend - the only British cyclist to win a World Cup race - leads rival Marianne Vos by 80 points heading into the final round, the Rund um die Nurnberger Altstadt.